Canadian carrier pricing, pre-order details for the Samsung Galaxy S22 series

Samsung unveiled its latest Galaxy S smartphones, the Galaxy S22, S22+, and S22 Ultra, at its Unpacked event on February 9th. Shortly after, Canadian carriers started revealing their pricing and pre-order details.

We’ve collected the pricing and pre-order information below so you can check out which carrier has the best offer on the S22 series. Some carriers haven’t released pricing yet, so keep in mind that some might be missing from the list below, but we’ll add them as information becomes available.

It’s also worth noting how much these phones cost outright from Samsung:

You can learn more about Samsung’s S22 pricing here.


Telus revealed its pre-order details, including a special limited-time offer to “double the memory” of the S22 series. According to details on the carrier’s website, customers can get the 256GB S22 Ultra, S22+, or S22 for the same price as the 128GB version. Telus notes that the discount applies automatically. This offer ends on March 10th, 2022 and is only available with a two-year Telus ‘Easy Payment’ financing term.

You can learn more about Telus’ Samsung Galaxy S22 pricing here.


Telus’ flanker brand Koodo also has the Samsung S22 series available for pre-order, but without the same storage discount. It’s also worth noting that Koodo doesn’t offer financing plans like other carriers — instead, it uses a ‘Tab’ system that reduces the upfront cost of a device and then divides that up as a monthly Tab Charge that customers pay along with their monthly plan cost.

Check out all of Koodo’s S22 series pricing here.

Canadian carrier pricing, pre-order details for the Samsung Galaxy S22 series

Freedom Mobile

Shaw-owned regional carrier Freedom also offers the double storage deal on the new Samsung Galaxy S22 series. That means Freedom customers can pick up a new S22 device with 256GB of storage for the same price as the 128GB version of the device. That’s a savings of up to $168, depending on which phone you get.

Learn more about Freedom Mobile’s S22 series pricing here.

Shaw Mobile

Shaw’s Galaxy S22 series pricing is also live, although it’s worth noting that Shaw is a little different since its plans and prices rely on customers’ Shaw internet package. If you’re a Shaw internet customer, make sure to check out the carrier’s website to see what your package will get you.

Additionally, like the others, Shaw offers a limited-time discount on the 256GB S22 models that makes them the same cost as the 128GB models.

Check out all of Shaw Mobile’s S22 pricing here.


Toronto-based national carrier Rogers also has the double storage offer, which appears as a discount applied to the 256GB S22 models that brings the price down to match the 128GB versions.

You can check out Rogers’ S22 pricing here.


Rogers’ flanker brand Fido has the S22 series ‘double storage’ offer as well, which means you can get the 256GB versions for the price of the 128GB versions when you pre-order the devices on a Fido Payment Program financing plan.

It’s also worth noting that, unlike Rogers, Fido caps the financing amount, which means customers will need to pay an upfront cost for the S22, S22+, and S22 Ultra.

Fido’s Galaxy S22 pricing is available here.


Bell has added its Galaxy S22 series pricing to its website and, like other carriers, it’s offering the ‘double storage’ offer that will net customers 256GB S22 models for the price of the 128GB version. Check out the prices below (interestingly, Bell didn’t list pricing with its Device Return Option at the time of writing):

All of Bell’s S22 series pricing can be found here.


Eastlink also has the Samsung Galaxy S22 series available for pre-order, along with the ‘double storage’ offer. Check out the pricing below:

Check out Eastlink’s S22 series pricing here.

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