Deal: This Versatile Lenovo Smart Clock Is Now Just $35

Besides an alarm clock, it's a speaker, phone charger, video player and smart home controller right by your bedside

The Lenovo Smart Clock features hundreds of different audio and media alarmseBayBy Kirk Miller

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We’re fans of Amazon’s Echo Show, but for people who prefer Google’s voice commands over Alexa and still want a touchscreen virtual assistant, the best choice remains the Lenovo Smart Clock.

Deal: This Versatile Lenovo Smart Clock Is Now Just

And today, it’s never been cheaper. Right now Best Buy’s store on eBay is selling the smart device for $35, or a 56% savings. Free shipping, too.

Consider this your bedside replacement for a digital alarm clock (or, hey, works well in the kitchen or office, too). Besides the time, you’ll get access to hundreds of audio and media alarm options, plus an AI helper in Google Assistant. It’s also capable of controlling other devices in your smart home or acting as a speaker and video player. Plus, you can combine all those attributes into “routines,” so you could, for example, set a time for the device to play music, dim the lights and even open/close your smart lock.

And while it’s hidden, there’s also a USB port in the back for charging your other devices.

While 56% off is great, if you think of this Lenovo device as a mini-tablet, digital alarm clock, phone charger and smart speaker rolled into one, it’s more like you’re getting $200+ worth of tech for an incredibly low price.

BUY IT HERE:$80$35

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