Elden Ring: How To Unlock Every Ending | All Choices Guide

Reshape the world with six separate endings.

Like everything in Elden Ring, the endings are mysterious — and depending on your choices, you can unlock up to six different conclusions to your story. Some of the endings are huge, some are just minor cosmetic differences, and all of them are pretty much totally secret. We’ve already covered how to unlock two of the endings (Frenzied Flame and Age of Stars) so we’re going to cover the rest.

Most of the endings of Elden Ring are about “mending” — and depending on how you mend the Elden Ring, you can completely change the state of the world going into the unknown new age. All of these endings are tied to side-quests and completing them gives you a Mending Rune. At the very end, you’ll be given a choice — you can choose any of the endings that you’ve unlocked so far. Unless you begin the Frenzied Flame, which locks you in completely and doesn’t give you any additional choices.

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Default Ending | Mending The Elden Ring

The standard ending. Become Elden Lord and usher in a new age under the light of the Greater Will.

Elden Ring: How To Unlock Every Ending | All Choices Guide

The Perfect Order | Mending The Elden Ring

An alternate ending. Instead of simply becoming Elden Lord, you restore the Golden Order.

The Death-Prince | Mending The Elden Ring

An alternate ending. Revive the Prince of Death and engulf the world in fog as all enter a new life within death.

The Fell Curse | Mending The Elden Ring

An alternate ending. Spread a vile sickness across the Lands Between and turn all to rot.

The Frenzied Flame | Chaos Ending

Spread chaos and burn the Lands Between to ashes forever. A dark ending, promising an age of madness — and Melina vows to get revenge on you.

The Age of Stars | Ranni Ending

A more substantial alternate ending. Break the Greater Will’s connection and return the world to darkness.

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