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Here's a list of every Lost Ark server

Here's a list of every Lost Ark server

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Looking for a Lost Ark servers list? With the release of the Korean ARPG-style MMO you might be wondering how many servers are available for each region. Some are going to be busier than others, so it's certainly worth spending a few minutes deciding where to make your home.

It makes sense to coordinate with your friends before starting out in Arkesia. That's not to say you can't party up for certain group activities if you're on different servers in the same region, but MMO staples like guilds and world bosses are locked to individual worlds. There's no real difference when it comes to choosing the server you'll play on—Lost Ark doesn't have dedicated PvE or PvP dedicated servers like WoW Classic, for example—but with character creation restrictions being turned on and off to help ease server queues, it's worthwhile checking out this guide before getting started.

Amazon Games recently added eight new servers in a new region, Europe West, in an attempt to "reduce, not eliminate, queue times for Europe Central". Given that Lost Ark doesn't allow players to transfer characters and progress between servers, it remains to be seen how effective that will be.

That said, here are all the Lost Ark servers, their reset times, and how to check if they're down.

Server list

Lost Ark server list

Daily and weekly server resets happen at 1 am server time (or 2 am, depending on Daylight Savings), though the developers have stated that this might change, depending how it works out. To help meet the demand, new servers have been added to various regions since launch. Additionally, more servers are coming in Europe, though in a separate region rather than the existing Central Europe region. Previously, some servers were essentially locked down so new players couldn't create characters on the busiest realms, and though that restriction has since been experimentally lifted, it could well return.

Here's a list of every Lost Ark server

Here's the updated server list:

Central Europe

Europe West

North America: East

North America: West

South America


Lost Ark error codes: How to know if the game is down

If you're having trouble connecting to Lost Ark, it could be down to busy servers or even maintenance. Luckily, you can check theserver statuson the official site, so you won't have to waste time wondering if your connection is the problem.

Here is a list of currently known error codes:

The Lost Ark Twitter account or Reddit are also good places to look if you can't get to the status page for any reason.

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