If you want more privacy in your own home, check out these 35 genius things on Amazon

Your home is your refuge. It’s where you go to recharge and relax. It might also be where you go to work. But when the neighbors are nosy, the kids storm your sanctuary, or your roommates rifle through your stuff, it can feel like a place you want to flee. But there’s no need to endure that sort of infringement on your space. Setting boundaries isn’t always about conflict. Sometimes, it’s a matter of putting a lock on a door or creating safety in your space with secret compartments or visual obstacles. If you want more privacy in your own home, check out these 35 genius things on Amazon.

If the inside of your home feels exposed to the neighbors prying eyes, for example, you might want to put up some stylish blinds or a privacy screen. If you have personal items you want to keep from your housemates or family, there are so many great ways to hide things in plain sight that you might have a hard time choosing between the gambler’s clock, the secret-stash picture frame, or the fake book. And if you are afraid your sanctuary will be invaded by a stranger, there are some excellent safety locks and alarms that will ensure your safety and privacy inside your home or vacation rental.

There are solutions to your privacy worries — keep reading for dozens of easy and affordable ones.

GE Personal Security Window (4-Pack)Amazon

Stick these tiny battery-powered entry alarms to your windows and doors so you know if someone opens them when you aren’t looking. When the two pieces are together, they are silent. But if someone opens the window and separates them, they alert you with a loud alarm. They are also great for letting you know if the kids get through a door or window. Just flip a switch to arm or disarm them.

Ohuhu Dictionary Diversion Book SafeAmazon

If you have personal items that you want to keep away from the curious eyes of others, stash them in this dictionary safe. No one will suspect it is anything but an old-school reference book, and it tucks neatly into a bookshelf where you can easily access it. If someone opens it, they will be stopped by a metal lock box protected by a password you created.

RamPro Hide-a-Spare-Key Fake Rock Amazon

If you want your neighbor to be able to stop by and feed the cat on occasion but don’t need them to keep a key to your house, stash a spare in this fake rock and you can let anyone in at any time simply be revealing its location. And you will never get locked out. It looks like a rock, has a large recess for your key, seals tight to keep out water and bugs, and gets over 8,500 five-star reviews.

Trademark Gambler's Wall Clock Diversion SafeAmazon

It looks like a clock. It tells time like a clock. But pull open the clock face and there’s a place inside this clock safe to stash valuables you don’t want anyone else to find. There are three shelves inside so there’s room for whatever small stash you want to hide in plain sight. No one will be the wiser.

BGment Blackout Curtains for Bedroom Amazon

These heavy-duty curtains will keep the light out and stop anyone from looking into your living space from the outside. They are also a beautiful fabric available in 23 colors and 11 sizes, so there is certain to be an option that suits your décor. Reviewers love them, especially for the price, and give them over 27,000 five-star ratings.

CloudValley Webcam Cover Slide (2-Pack)Amazon

There’s no need to worry that someone has hacked your web camera and is watching you through it if you stick one of these tiny web cam covers to your camera or laptop monitor. Just slide the door closed when you want to be alone and no one can see you — even if the indicator light comes on. They peel and stick, come in three colors, and get almost 26,000 five-star reviews.

Identity Protection Roller Stamps Wide KitAmazon

Instead of fussing with a shredder, use this stamp roller to obscure the personal information printed on junk mail and credit card offers. It’s fast, easy to use, stores in a drawer, and the roller only needs to be refilled occasionally. It comes with six refill bottles that will last for ages and gets almost 9,000 five-star reviews.

VIRIDIHome Security Door LockAmazon

If you are worried that someone will let themselves into your hotel room, apartment, or vacation rental while you are there, this portable lock will make that impossible and give you peace of mind. Just install it between the door and the frame on the strike plate and close the door. No one will be able get in — even if they have a key.

Coavas Privacy Window Film Amazon

If there’s a window that looks into your space, this privacy film will stop anyone from seeing in without covering your windows or blocking the light with curtains. It’s so simple to install that you can’t mess it up; all you need is water. And it removes even more easily than it goes on because there is no adhesive. Reviewers give it over 15,000 five-star ratings.

JBER 12 Pack Acoustic Foam PanelAmazon

If your room echoes and sounds are harsh in your space — especially if you plan to record in there or do video calls — this foam panel is an inexpensive and attractive way to fix that. Just mount the 12 squares to the wall and it absorbs and dampens sound. It comes in three colors and each panel is an inch thick and one foot square.

Blink Mini Amazon

Install this little security camera in your home to alert you anytime someone comes into the house, and it will show you who it is from wherever you are. Know when the kids are home, if someone is letting themselves in, or check in with your pets. It shows you what’s happening in 1080P HD video, lets you hear and talk to whoever is at home, and connects to your Echo Show so you can see what’s happening through that camera when you are there.

Video Doorbell Camera Amazon

You do not have to open the door to someone just because they rang your doorbell. This affordable video doorbell shows you who is out there whether you are on the other side of the house or the other side of the world. You can even talk to them through the doorbell. If it’s a package, tell them where to leave it. If it’s a crime, record video for proof. It even works at night and allows you to share access with family members.

Hmcity Solar Lights Outdoor (2-Pack)Amazon

If you have a dark area in your yard, porch, or path, these solar outdoor lights are the perfect solution for making that safe. They are solar-powered so they work even if the power is out and require no wiring to install. They are also motion-triggered, so they only come on when you approach them, which means the solar-charged battery will likely last all night.

U.S. Patrol Slider Door StopperAmazon

If the lock on your sliding door is weak — and many are — drop this decorative door stopper into the track and stop anyone from getting that door open from the outside. It’s ornamental cast iron so it’s as solid as it is attractive. It works to keep a window from opening all the way, too.

Skyla Homes Magnetic Cabinet LocksAmazon

Want to keep the kids — or anyone — out of your drawer and cabinets without installing those ugly plastic baby locks all over your house? These magnetic locks are invisible when the cabinets are closed and have a magnet key that makes them easy to open. And when the kids are in bed or away at school, you can turn off the lock so the cabinets open normally.

Jssmst Locking Wall Mounted MailboxAmazon

If you want more privacy in your own home, check out these 35 genius things on Amazon

Secure your mail in this locking mailbox because when you get a check or a love letter, you don’t want anyone to tamper with it. The entire front opens up so you can retrieve your mail, and it can handle magazines as well as a considerable number of envelopes. It’s waterproof and has a transparent panel so you can peep what’s inside.

DMoose Cable Management BoxAmazon

When you get your computer or entertainment center set up, what do you do about that power strip, the ugly and random assortment of plugs, and all those wires? Drop it all into this attractive box and stash it in plain sight. Large openings at either end let wires and air in and out, grippy rubber feet on the bottom keep it from sliding around, and the wooden top can be used as a charging station or shelf.

SABRE HS-DSA Wedge Door Stop Security Alarm Amazon

If you worry that someone will come in through the door while you are sleeping in your hotel, dorm, rental, or even at home, installing this door stopper that simultaneously stops anyone from opening the door while setting off an alarm that’s loud enough to wake you and probably the neighbors takes two seconds. Just place it under the door and turn it on.

Otto & Ben Folding Toy Box Chest Amazon

When you want to put everything away, sit down, and put your feet up, this storage ottoman will help you on all counts. The lid comes off, revealing a roomy storage area for whatever you want to hide away and it’s strong enough to provide extra seating. No one will guess that it’s holding all your clutter.

rabbitgoo Window Privacy FilmAmazon

Instead of hanging curtains for privacy, consider the clean and simple look of this frosted privacy film. It’s super easy to install — just cut it to size, spray the window with water, and press it on — and it stops anyone from seeing through your windows and also blocks 84% of UVA rays and 99% of UVB rays to keep your heating bill down while still allowing light in.

Augo Magnetic Screen DoorAmazon

If dining on the deck means someone has to constantly open and close a door or accept bugs in the house, this magnetic screen curtain is here to save the party. It attaches to the door frame with a hook-and-loop-like fastener and magnets run down the center seam so you — and the kids and pets — can walk through hands-free. It’ll shut behind you, effectively keeping the bugs out of the house.

DearHouse Vine Fence Privacy Screen (2-Pack)Amazon

If you want to create privacy between your yard and your neighbors or the street and don’t want a fence or to wait for shrubs to grow, this expanding fence with interwoven polyethylene leaves is instant and easy. Just open it up and attach it to a railing or hurricane fence and you are done.

LOVE STORY Rectangle Sun Shade Patio CanopyAmazon

Hang this sun shade above your pool, patio, or deck to protect yourself and furniture from the blazing sun as well as prying eyes from other decks or patios. It’s easy to set up — just connect the D-rings at the corners to something in your space — and it creates attractive, effective shade. It comes in 16 sizes and 14 colors.

LORDTEX Burlap Linen Look Outdoor Patio Curtain (2-Pack)Amazon

Not only will these gorgeous semi-sheer linen curtains provide some privacy when you sit on your patio or porch, they will make the space look airy and elegant. They come in six colors and four sizes, are durable enough to withstand the weather, are machine-washable, and come with tiebacks.

KANAGAWA Fence Privacy ScreenAmazon

If you can see right through your fence and into your neighbor’s yard — and vice versa — this privacy screen is a fast and simple solution. Open it up, cover your fence with it, and secure it with the included clips and zip ties. It comes in four colors and eight sizes to fit your situation and tastes.

ZMOCEN Artificial Outdoor Plants (Set of 8)Amazon

Dress up your windows with plants without creating a never-ending chore list for yourself by planting your window boxes with these artificial grass bundles or bunches of flowers. They will survive the hottest weather, look green long after you have forgotten to water them, and create a pretty and realistic foliage display.

Mocoosy Artificial Hanging Plants (2-Pack)Amazon

These two hanging plants will never turn brown or require you to hire a house sitter to care for them. And placed strategically, the pop of green can also add privacy while decorating. Each pot comes with a plant that has five bifurcations and hangs over 3 feet long. They mount easily to a wall or fence and look surprisingly realistic.

ShadesU Window BlindsAmazon

It will look like you ordered custom blinds once you get these modern zebra blinds installed. There are so many sizes, you simply choose the one that precisely fits your space and hang them. There are also lots of colors and styles to choose from, but this alternating transparent and opaque stripe gives windows a modern, practical look that delivers privacy while letting in light.

myQ Chamberlain Smart Garage Control Amazon

Have you ever driven away and left the garage door open with all your storage and projects exposed for your neighbors to study as they walk by? That will never happen again after you install this smart garage controller. It can notify you if you left the door open and let you close it from your phone or by asking Alexa. And you can even set it up for in-garage delivery, so you can have your Amazon packages delivered into a secure garage and then shut the door once they’re received.

iwill CREATE PRO Under Bed StorageAmazon

This folding storage box is designed to fit under the bed in any direction and has handles on all sides, so you can access it easily. A transparent label pocket lets you see quickly what’s inside. It’s large enough to hold everything from boots and shoes to spare blankets, and you can choose from four colors.

Tamfile Fireproof File Folder BoxAmazon

When you stash important papers in a closet or storage space, make sure they are safe from water, fire, and nosy people by locking them into this liquid silicone coated folder box that’s lightweight, folds for storage, and is easy to move. It is strong enough to stack, waterproof, and zips and locks closed.

Tangkula Mirrored Bathroom Cabinet Hidden StorageAmazon

Mount this mirrored cabinet to the wall above the sink in the bathroom or your dresser in the bedroom to create storage that is hidden behind the mirrored door but easy to access. There is one adjustable interior shelf, the door sticks closed with a magnet, and you can choose which direction you want the door to open.

Berlin Modisch Contemporary Privacy Lever Door HandleAmazon

If roommates or kids tend to barge in on you, upgrade your door handle so you can lock your door from the inside. A simple twist of the knob on this beautiful door hardware is all it takes to stop the intrusion. It’s solid, looks modern, and comes in brushed nickel or iron black.

TRAVAH Diversion HangerAmazon

Whether you’re traveling and want to keep passports, cash, and jewelry out of sight, or you’re seeking a discreet and convenient “go-bag” for important documents at home, this clever little hanger does the trick.It has two inner pockets — one measures an expansive 16.5 by 17.5 inches — and can easily accommodate bulkier docs. Hang it with a shirt and tuck it amongst clothing in a closet or suitcase for ultimate incognito.

Diversion Safe Water Bottle with Compartment Container Amazon

No one will suspect that you have a stash of cash in your water bottle, but the bottom part of this bottle is a secret compartment that will hold a wad of cash and a few cards or your keys and a snack. It’s the perfect answer to clothes with inadequate pockets. The 17-ounce bottle is vacuum insulated to keep your beverage hot or cold for hours and comes in four colors.

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