QOTD: What Was the Most Awesome Car at Your High School? Receive updates on the best of TheTruthAboutCars.com

It’s been a couple of weeks since we took a stroll down memory lane together. I asked you in May about the worst car you could recall in your high school parking lot. The incoming responses made it seem like our enthusiast B&B members were often aware they were the winner of the bad car blue ribbon in school. That speaks to our level of enlightenment and self-awareness. Think of how many people go through life not ever realizing how bad their cars are.

For today though, we run away from the rust buckets and 75-horsepower Malaise Wonders. I want to hear about the most awesome car in your high school lot.

There were always one or two high school rides that stood out from the rest. Whether through parental generosity or hours of owner labor, these select vehicles possessed an unmatched level of coolness and desirability. Speakingfrom personal experiencein a purely hypothetical sense, these are the cars other students admire and look upon covetously as they walk past. The deep sparkle seen in the metallic paint, expensive wheels glinting in the sun while walking to yourancient front-wheel drive Audiown ride — which is awesome, but not quite as cool. My pick for coolest ride still stands out in my mind today.

QOTD: What Was the Most Awesome Car at Your High School? Receive updates on the best of TheTruthAboutCars.com

That’s right, a big Taur… I mean Merkur Scorpio. Of course, it was the only one on the lot, and I’d never seen one before. The Scorpio was a rare European ride, it looked expensive, and it was a large car (all my favorite things).

Owned by an upperclassman, I think it was in this sort of condition circa 2002.

If I planned my drive to school just right, I could occasionally arrive after the Scorpio was parked but before all the spots were taken. Then I could either park next to it or in a space where I’d could walk by. Such was the subject that filled my early morning mind in high school: Advanced Parking Strategy.

Now as I recall, the Scorpio didn’t make it all the way through the owner’s senior year. The black beauty disappeared at some point, replaced (suitably) by a newer and less interesting light bar Mercury Sable. Looking at the pictures above brings back all my memories. Car stalking is real!

So what’s your pick for the most awesome ride in your high school lot?

[Images via eBay; Craigslist]