Where is Patches in Elden Ring?

Is Patches in Elden Ring? By now everyone knows FromSoftware's famous thief and his tendency to turn up in games to kick you down holes and lock you behind doors, all with the hope of robbing your corpse. But strange as it may seem, Patches isn't a bad guy.

More often than not, he actually shows you the way to go, or helps you find something important—it just so happens that these important things are in areas containing horrific enemies. And when you actually confront him and say that trying to kill you wasn't cool, he'll apologise, and explain how he just can't help himself.

Where is Patches in Elden Ring?

So does he show up in the new game? If you don't want anything spoiled for you, read no further. Otherwise, read on, and I'll explain every rumour and run-in that you might have with the famous Patches.

Elden Ring Patches locations

Stormveil CastleYour first encounter with Patches is likely to be when you head into Stormveil Castle. If you take the back route, you'll eventually spot a doorway to a dark room, but when you step inside, the door will lock, and you'll hear a snigger. You'll quickly realise there's a powerful Exile Knight in the room with you. Still, if you manage to kill him, in the chest in the far corner is the key to unlock the door at the end of the corridor that lets you into the castle. See? Patches was only trying to help you out.

Murkwater CaveIf you decided to go dungeon-delving before assaulting Stormveil Castle, you might happen upon Patches here. When you arrive at Murkwater Cave, you'll be invaded by Bloody Finger Nerijus, but before long Yura will show up to help you. Once that's done, head inside to find a cave with some traps on the floor, and enemies dotted around. Head right through the tunnel and into the boss. There's a chest in the centre of this room, but once you open it, Patches will appear and try to rob you blind. If you beat him down to half HP he'll surrender, letting you chat to him while he explains how he fell in with a bad crowd. He also tells you his new game moniker: Patches the Untethered.

We're not sure where Patches heads after that, but we'll be sure to update this when we find out!

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