www.makeuseof.com Wondering How to Disable Face ID on Your iPhone? Here Are 3 Options

The iPhone’s Face ID is a very important feature that allows users to quickly unlock their iPhone without needing a passcode or Touch ID. It’s a cool feature and unlocks your phone with just one glance at the screen.

But perhaps you’re tired of Face ID failing while attempting to scan your face with a mask on, or maybe you’re worried about privacy issues with facial recognition software. Whatever your reasons may be, read on as we detail how to disable Face ID on your iPhone, permanently or temporarily.

Option 1. Disable Face ID Through the Settings

The most obvious method of disabling Face ID is through the Settings app. The steps below will completely disable Face ID for Apple Pay, iTunes, the App Store, and even password autofill. You will also be required to unlock your iPhone using the passcode after disabling Face ID.

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www.makeuseof.com Wondering How to Disable Face ID on Your iPhone? Here Are 3 Options

Here’s how you can completely disable Face ID through the Settings app:


Face ID will be disabled once you exit the Settings app.

Option 2. Disable Face ID Using Volume Button

If you find yourself in a tricky situation and need to disable Face ID on your iPhone quickly, you can do so using the Side button and volume buttons. This will temporarily disable Face ID until you unlock your iPhone with your passcode again.

Here’s how you can temporarily disable Face ID:

Option 3. Disable Face ID With Siri

Another easy way to quickly, but temporarily, disable Face ID is by using Siri. With your iPhone locked, say “Hey Siri, whose phone is this?” Siri will then display your contact card and temporarily disable Face ID. Once you enter your passcode, Face ID will resume functioning normally again.

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Easily Disable Face ID to Protect Your Data

Whatever your reasons, it is quite easy to disable Face ID on the iPhone. These tricks are handy if you’re worried someone might be able to access your iPhone by waving it in front of your face.

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