Best 12v kettles 2021

The quickest to heat the water up was the Bopfimer, which took 22 minutes, and if you keep the engine running it will ensure your battery isn’t flattened by the kettle’s demand for power.

Best 12v kettles 2021

Using these criteria, the Bopfimer is the only unit here we can recommend. It heats water in a reasonable amount of time and can keep it safely inside the kettle while you drive.

Bopfimer 12V Kettle


We were a little bemused by how the Bopfimer might work, because all the supplied instructions were in Chinese.

However, once it was plugged into the 12V socket it became obvious that this kettle was a little more sophisticated than the other units in this test. A digital display shows the temperature of the water, allowing you to decide when it is hot enough for your needs.

Our 300ml almost filled the container but it heated quickly, and the outside remained cool enough to hold. It seemed to keep the liquid warm for longer, too. It also fitted neatly in a cup-holder and was spill-proof, so takes the win here.