Bunnings is making it cool this summer with Google Assistant and Alexa

Bunnings can be a store of wonder and surprise, as well as a steady source of onion on the bottom sausages and bread. If like some of us you’ve been preparing for a hot and unpleasant Australian summer, you may have been searching for the perfect pedestal or tower fan with a little Google compatibility. Well, Bunnings has silently launched exactly what you’re looking for.

Bunnings is making it cool this summer with Google Assistant and Alexa

The $149 Arlec 102 cm Smart Tower fan and the $99 Arlec Smart Pedestal Fan are both in-store now and offer a plethora of control options including tradition buttons, IR remote, WiFi-enabled app and of course Google Assistant and Alexa integration. They are both part of Bunnings’ new Grid Connect platform, which we have to admit we didn’t know about.

Grid Connect seems to be Bunnings play for a curated Smart Home ecosystem, and I have to admit, they may just have Australia’s largest range of products under one umbrella. The Grid Connect system is hubless and thus relies on WiFi. While this is okay for the beginner smart home, WiFi starts acting funny the more devices you add, so if you’re looking to smart your whole house, this may not be the system for you.

For whole-home automation, you’re still looking at something like a Z-Wave set up and the guys over at SmartHome have you covered there.