Compact Outlet Heaters: 3 Options To Keep You Cozy During the Workday + Why They're Safe

There are always those people who can't seem to get warm enough, and if that's you, you definitely need one of these compact outlet heaters. If you work in a freezing office or have a room in your home that's always cooler than the others, these small space heaters from Amazon are the perfect solution. They can heat up a small room or cubicle easily and are great for heating up a personal space that's too cold for your liking.

A wall outlet space heater can make a huge difference in a small area without any of the dangers that can come from using a radiator or large space heater. These portable heaters are also super easy to take along with you if you're traveling for work.

Are Compact Outlet Heaters Safe?

Yes! These mini wall outlet space heaters might seem risky to some, but they're safe. In fact much more safe than plugging your space heater into a power strip! I know it might seem like a safe way to move your space heater closer to you, but it's not worth the risk. You can burn your house down. Stick to a mini heater with safety features.

Lasko says features such as cool to touch, carry a label from UL, ETL, or CSA for safety, automatic overheat protection, and a tip-over safety switch are features to look for. Again, with these space heaters, a wall outlet is the safest option, not your power strip! Family Handyman also notes that wall outlets can handle a higher wattage. Just be sure to unplug them before bed or when you're not in the room.



Best Outlet Heater on Amazons

1. Ontel Handy Heater | Plug-in Personal Heater | Compact Design


Compact Outlet Heaters: 3 Options To Keep You Cozy During the Workday + Why They're Safe

The Handy Heater features 350-watt energy-smart heating power to warm up any small space. This little heater can cover up to 250 square feet, perfect for an office space. The easy wall mount design and timer feature make it great for use during the workday. This convection outlet heater stays cool to the touch, so you or any little ones don't need to worry about getting burnt.

If I had to choose my favorite of the three, it would be this heater.

Slyvia gave the $15 heater a five-star review and wrote, "This little heater works pretty well! I bought it for a little greenhouse we have, where I use to leave food, water and beds for the feral cats and other animals in Fall and Winter. I didn't want to put a big heater there, because the animals could be burned if they touch it, and also because those heaters are very noisy and dangerous; so, this was the perfect solution for me."

2. Lasko Heating Space Heater


At 200-Watts and 682 BTUs, this low-wattage mini space heater is ideal for use under a desk to keep your feet and legs warm. Best of all, because it's low wattage, it won't keep tripping the office circuit breaker every time you turn it on. This energy-efficient plug-in heater draws about two amps and turns on with a flip of a switch. Compact and portable, MyHeat comes with a 6-foot cord and a 2-pronged plug intended for any 120-volt outlet. It's designed to keep you warm, not your entire living room, so keep that in mind.


Lasko is a brand you can trust, so give this heater a chance this winter.

3. 350W Space heater, Wall Outlet Electric Space Heater


This electric wall outlet heater is great for heating up an area with minimal floor space, it has a range of up to 100 sq ft. You can set a timer for an auto shut-off, so you never have to worry about it overheating or staying on for days at a time. I love the LED display and timer. Use the button to scroll through timer and temperature options.

Victoria gave the 350-watt heater five stars and said that the heat was able to warm up her entire classroom. She said it's small but packs a big punch. You never know with these gadgets, sometimes they're able to heat rooms quicker than others, making large rooms feel warm in no time.

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This post was originally published on July 16, 2021.

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