Grab a Deal, and Freedom from Wall Adapters, with This Handy USB Charging Station

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If you’ve bought a new smartphone or tablet sometime in the last few years, you may have noticed that more and more brands aren’t including a brand new wall adapter with your purchase. That can be awfully frustrating if you gave your old charger away or threw it out with your old phone. And let’s not forget that devices such as portable air purifiers, powerbanks, desk fans and wireless earbuds usually don’t come with a wall plug either.

With so many gadgets and gizmos, your power board is bound to look cluttered thanks to a complex web of cables. Meanwhile, your wallet is throwing down about $20 a pop for every new device you buy. Oh, and when that friend comes over and suddenly you need to take turns sharing your charger? It’s safe to say that trying to recharge any device becomes a fierce competition.

Grab a Deal, and Freedom from Wall Adapters, with This Handy USB Charging Station

Thankfully, you can forgo all of that drama with this AUTENS 8-port USB charging station. Now on sale for $48.99 (down from $75.99), this device is a must-have if your gadgets are constantly competing for a space on your power board.

What can it do?

Not only is the AUTEN USB charging dock handy as a one-stop hub for all of your charging needs, but it even features a USB-C charging port in addition to its seven regular USB outlets.

Since most of us tend to kick our power boards out of sight, it can be annoying to feel your way down the sides of your bed as you try to switch your adapters. Or if you like your power board front and centre, we guarantee that this USB charging station will take up half the desk space and look significantly better than your bulky, yellowed power board.

Looks aside, this USB charger packs a powerful punch. With eight ports, this USB charging dock can pump 40 watts of power into eight different devices simultaneously at full speed. Plus, it features QC 3.0 fast charging so you can juice up all of your devices together in two hours flat.

Perhaps our favourite feature is its LCD digital display that shows each charging port’s current status. This is super handy if you want to know how far along your device has charged at a glance.

Shop it here for a limited time at $48.99.