These are the best docks for the Surface Pro X in 2021

September 23, 2021 3:00pmComment Gaurav Shukla

The Surface Pro X is an excellent option if you’re looking for an ARM-powered Windows tablet. It looks great, provides all-day battery life, and has a high-quality display. One thing it doesn’t have is a lot of ports. You only get two USB Type-C ports and one proprietary Surface Connect port. So if you’re planning to plug in multiple peripherals, displays, or stuff like an Ethernet cable, you’re going to need a dock.

You can either pick a dock that plugs into the Surface Connect port or a dock that connects via a USB Type-C port. There are plenty of options in the market, and to make your task of finding an excellent Surface Pro X dock easier, we have selected the best options you can order right now.


All of these docks will let you extend the functionality of your Surface pro X by enabling you to plug in more external devices and connectors. If you use a lot of peripherals with your device, a good quality dock is something you must consider. You can pick up any of these docks and you will be good to go!

These are the best docks for the Surface Pro X in 2021

Best Docks and Hubs for Surface Pro X

These are some of the best Surface Connect and USB Type-C docks for the Surface Pro X. While Microsoft’s official offerings are excellent, they are also costly. So if you’re not looking at spending too much, Anker’s PowerExpand 13-in-1 dock gives you pretty much all the ports and slots that you might need. On the other hand, the Kensington SD1610P is a fantastic option for your travel requirements.

Which Surface Pro X dock are you planning to buy? Let us know in the comments section. We have also picked the best Windows tablets and the best Surface PCs if you are still unsure about the Surface Pro X.

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