These smart plugs are the secret to a seamless smart home

Smart plugs aren't the sexiest tech in the smart home, but they pull a lot of weight when it comes to automating dumb devices. In fact, if you use a lot of lamps, fans or small appliances, smart plugs can be the secret to a smart home that feels seamless and synchronized. Nearly any device you'd plug into a standard wall outlet can be smartened up with a Wi-Fi-connected plug.

New smart plugs are popping up all the time. Wyze recently announced the Wyze Plug (we'll be testing it out soon). Picking the right smart plug means taking a look at your needs, your home and the platform you use to control it all. Smart plugs with power monitoring, away modes and extra charging ports expand the capabilities of your smart home even further, all at a relatively low cost.

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How it works

The majority of smart plugs work with a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection and don't need a hub. That makes them easy to install and quick to connect. Smart plugs typically come with a companion app where you'll create an account and set preferences, schedules and names for the devices you're plugging into the outlet.

You'll use that same account to connect your plug with the Google Home or Amazon Alexa app in order to enable voice commands such as, "OK, Google, turn on the lamp." I'd recommend looking for a smart plug that includes features like scheduling, timers, scenes and something called "away mode" that randomly powers on and off to simulate activity inside your home. That feature works great for lamps or TVs when you're on vacation.

This Wi-Fi Smart Plug is a simple way to smarten your stuff

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Our best bets

If you're an Apple HomeKit user, your smart plug options are limited. I really like both the iHome ISP8 and iDevices Switch for their reliability, design and integrations. Belkin WeMo Mini smart plugs and other WeMo gadgets will work with HomeKit, too.

If your home is centered around Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, the Eufy Smart Plug Mini is a great option. Still, there are dozens of smart plugs out there that get the job done. Some include extras like LED light rings to indicate power usage or extra USB charging ports. Whether you're looking for extra ports or space-saving smarts, here's a rundown of the smartest plugs around.

Amazon Smart Plug

If Alexa is your voice assistant of choice, Amazon has a smart plug for you. Equipped with Wi-Fi Simple Setup, the $25 Amazon Smart Plug is easy to install and adds Alexa voice commands to any regular device. You'll need a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network and at a minimum the Alexa app on your phone to control the device remotely.

This smart plug isn't overpriced, but you are missing out on a few features offered by other plugs from TP-Link and Belkin at a very similar price point. There are no power monitoring or dedicated away modes, for example. You can automate, schedule and control devices with this plug, but you won't get much more than that. It also isn't compatible with Google Home or Apple HomeKit.

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Belkin Wemo Insight Switch

A smaller plastic housing and new power usage tracking on the $59 Belkin Wemo Insight Switch bring greater visual appeal and usefulness to Belkin's entry-level smart-home power plug line. This smart plug works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Nest and IFTTT for advanced programming functions and voice control.

Setup is a bit of a hassle, though, and it's still large enough to block adjacent outlets. Belkin's app includes real-time and average data for power draw, usage time and operating cost for whatever device you've plugged into the Switch. Even if the WeMo Insight Switch isn't perfect, the appeal of this product is still high for those looking to ease into home automation, and since it isn't exactly new, there's a good chance you'll be able to find one on sale.

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Belkin Wemo Mini Smart Plug

At $35, the new WeMo Mini is competitively priced, and its smaller design won't block adjacent outlets. Despite a sometimes glitchy app, native compatibility with IFTTT, Nest, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant and Amazon's Alexa make this plug one of the better connected smart plugs you can buy.

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ConnectSense Smart Outlet 2

The second generation of the ConnectSense Smart Outlet is just as bulky as before, but packed with more smarts. For $60 (a lower MSRP than the original), you'll get compatibility with Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant. It also includes power monitoring and the option to dim the outlet's LED indicators.

Each socket is individually controllable and a USB charging port on the side adds a place for extra power. Manual buttons on the side of the outlet can power each socket on or off. Paying $60 for this plug isn't outrageous given all those functions, but the design is obnoxious and takes up too much space.

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These smart plugs are the secret to a seamless smart home

Eufy Smart Plug Mini

The $21 Eufy Smart Plug Mini is affordable, space saving and smart. It doesn't work with HomeKit, however, and there aren't extras like side USB charging ports. Still, Eufy's Smart Plug Mini is a great addition to any Google or Alexa-centered home. You'll get plenty of options for scheduling and power monitoring with the EufyHome app for iOS or Android.

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Fibaro Smart Plug

The $60 Fibaro Smart Plug looks good, works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant through a Z-Wave hub, and includes a color-coded LED to indicate power consumption levels. This mighty little wall plug can handle large appliances, too.

You'll only get the most out of this smart plug if you're already a Fibaro user, since you'll only have access to the Fibaro app if you own a Fibaro Home Center or Home Center Lite hub. At $60, it's a pricey but capable Z-Wave plug.

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Gosund Smart Plug

The $13 Gosund Mini Smart Plug is about as cheap as smart plugs come. It works with the Smart Life app to bring you scheduling and timer functions for powering on and off, but it doesn't include more advanced features like power monitoring or away modes. Still, this smart plug works with Assistant and Alexa to deliver basic smarts.

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HeyGo Smart Plug

Sold in a two-pack for $26, this smart plug is one of the cheapest we tested. It works with Alexa and Assistant for voice commands and includes scheduling and timer functions. It's not the smartest plug, and its construction leaves it feeling a little cheap, but if you're looking for a simple smart plug, HeyGo gets the job done.

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iClever Outdoor Smart Outdoor Outlet

The iClever Outdoor Smart Outdoor Outlet includes two individually controllable outlets and works with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. However, this smart plug doesn't work with Apple HomeKit and is a bit bulky. If you're looking for an affordable outdoor smart plug that allows independent control of each outlet, iClever gets the job done.

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iDevices Switch

Simple setup, sleek design and an intuitive app make the iDevices Switch a solid foundation for home automation with HomeKit. With added features like remote access and energy tracking, it's one of the better options on the market. Despite some glitches with user sharing, the Switch works well, the iDevices app is slick and it offers good scheduling options.

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iDevices Outdoor Switch

The iDevices Outdoor Switch is convenient, filling a niche not many smart plugs have attempted to fill, and the power tracking comes in handy for holiday decorators. This switch isn't perfect. You can't control the dual outlets individually, the $80 price tag is a little steep and HomeKit user sharing can be a pain. Still, the Outdoor Switch is great for anyone who wants to string up their holiday lights, set them on a schedule and forget about them for two months. You'll just have to decide if it's worth the price.

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iHome ISP8

The iHome ISP8 SmartPlug works with a slew of leading smart home platforms, including Amazon Echo and Apple HomeKit. Plus, its base performance is reliable. It works with IFTTT for extended integrations and can connect your dumb old lamp to Siri, Alexa, Wink, SmartThings or Nest. The iHome ISP8 is a solid choice for anyone wanting a variety of integrations.

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iHome Outdoor Switch

For $40, you'll just get one smart outlet, and the plug itself is bulky and unattractive. Still, Home's Outdoor SmartPlug performs well and works with a lot of smart home platforms like Alexa, Assistant, HomeKit and then some. If you're looking for a reliable outdoor switch and don't need multiple outlets, this iHome switch is a decent option.

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Koogeek Smart Plug P1

The Koogeek looks nice and has a midrange price tag of $32. In our testing, the integration with Alexa didn't work. The plug did work well with HomeKit and Google Assistant for voice commands, but it takes up too much space and isn't a good pick for Android users or Alexa fans.

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PureGear PureSwitch

The PureGear PureSwitch smart plug only works with Apple HomeKit. You won't get extra features like dimming options or energy tracking, but the switch is simple to set up and includes a USB 2.0 charging port. If your smart home is built on the HomeKit platform, this plug is a great way to automate small devices. If it isn't, you'll need to look elsewhere.

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Satechi Dual Smart Outlet

This $60 HomeKit-friendly smart plug includes two, individually controllable outlets. The slim design means it won't block the outlet above or below it, and you can rename each outlet for specific voice commands. There aren't any Alexa or Google Assistant capabilities with this smart plug.

There is an energy monitoring option in the Satechi Home app as well as options to set schedules and vacation modes. You can also control the plug remotely through the app. If you're looking for a feature-rich HomeKit smart plug and don't need voice control with any other assistants, this plug is a solid option.

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TP-Link Kasa Wi-Fi Smart Plug Mini

This smart plug keeps other outlets free, works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, and offers plenty of scheduling and timing options. The TP-Link Kasa Wi-Fi Smart Plug Mini isn't HomeKit-compatible, but this smart plug is a great option for anyone interested in scheduling, voice commands and remote access to everyday devices up to 1,500 watts.

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TP-Link Kasa Wi-Fi Smart Plug with Power Monitoring

This smart plug comes with an easy-to-use app, monitors your energy consumption and works with Assistant and Alexa for voice commands. The plug's design blocks the outlets above or below it though, and it isn't compatible with HomeKit.

It does include helpful features like customizable schedules for on and off, including a specific time and repeating days of the week. You can also turn on Away Mode, and your smart plug will power on and off randomly to make it appear as though someone is home. If you're looking for a plug with power monitoring capability, TP-Link has you covered with this one.

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Vimvip Wi-Fi Socket

A two-pack of the Vimvip Wi-Fi Socket costs just $21. That's pretty cheap, but the savings come at a price. You won't get power monitoring or away modes. It doesn't work with HomeKit, either. Its upside is its integration with Alexa and Assistant, space-saving size and the USB charging port included on the side of the plug.

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