This Accessory Tray Is Not Only Chic—It Charges My Phone, Too

No matter how amazing your phone's battery life is, you’ve got to charge it every day (and if you don't, I'd like to know which phone you have!). Not that there’s anything wrong with plugging your phone into the charger it came with, but if there’s an aesthetically-pleasing option out there to do the same job and do itwirelessly, I’m here for it.

Courant (inspired by the French phraseau courant, meaning current, fashionable and aware) has turned the phone charger into a stylish home accessory, and the CATCH:3 wireless charger is the perfect addition to your bedside or entryway table. It doubles as an accessory tray, and these chargers are made with luxury materials like Belgian linen and Italian leather. I’mobsessed with mine. It is so chic, I have mine on my desk so I can use it while I work. ( I also literally just want to look at it all day).

Using the CATCH:3is simple enough, you plug it in just like you would any charger, and place your phone on top. I do sometimes have to move my phone around a bit to find the right spot to charge, and I know I’ve found it once my phone lights up.

Courant CATCH:3 Wireless Phone Charger and Accessory Tray

This luxe charging tray comes in other colorways as well, including black, charcoal and rich brown.

This Accessory Tray Is Not Only Chic—It Charges My Phone, Too

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The CATCH:3 is able to charge one device at a time, and the tray to the side is perfect for keys, sunglasses, small wallets, and jewelry.Be aware that these chargers are compatible with most devices, but if you have an older version of any device, you’ll want to double-check before purchasing. (Courant has a compatibility list on their website.)

In addition to phones, you’re able to charge AirPods as well, but I was a little disappointed when I realized mine didn’t charge because they’re an older model. The accessory tray is the perfect size for a phone though, and I’m happy to use it solely as a phone charger!

I’m used to using chargers that have long (and honestly, unsightly) chords, so I can use my phone while I’m plopped on the couch, and while there is a time and a place for relaxed scrolling, I appreciate that a wireless charger like this one because it encourages you to actually put your phone down. It’s a great way to cut down on chords and clutter, since the tray itself is the only thing that needs to be plugged in, and it really looks so beautiful on any surface. Everything about this charger is elevated and sophisticated, and it would be a perfect addition to any flat surface in your home.

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