This dollar store recalled every single product because of a massive rodent infestation

Family Dollar announced a massive recall a few weeks ago, stopping sales of many products in its stores after discovering an enormous rodent infestation at a distribution center. The recall was so significant that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) posted a separate warning to inform customers about the significant recall action. A couple of weeks later, Dollar Tree issued its own recall for every single Family Dollar product it sells.

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The Family Dollar recall

Family Dollar detailed the recall in a press release on February 18th. The FDA issued its own alert on the same day, providing more context about the recall and investigation findings.

The FDA recovered more than 1,100 dead rodents after fumigating the West Memphis, Arkansas, Family Dollar distribution center. Also, the agency discovered that the company dealt with a similar infestation last year.

This dollar store recalled every single product because of a massive rodent infestation

As a result, Family Dollar recalled every single product that passed through that warehouse. The Dollar Tree recall also covers some of these products:

The Dollar Tree recalls

Almost a month later, Dollar Tree has issued a few recalls of its own. They’re all related to the Family Dollar rat-related recall from mid-February.

The company doesn’t have a press release, butFood Safety News found three FDA enforcement reports for massive categories of Family Dollar products.

Here are the Family Dollar products from the updated Dollar Tree recall:

What you should do

If you purchased any Family Dollar products from Dollar Tree, you should throw them out. You can also return them to the place of purchase for a refund. You’ll want to check the initial recall announcement and FDA alert at this link.

Our previous coverage includes more information about the Family Dollar recall.

Also, make sure that you check the enforcement reports listed above for more information about the Dollar Tree recall. You’ll find contact information for Dollar Tree in the FDA paperwork. Your local Dollar Tree stores should also have additional information on hand about the Family Dollar recall.

Finally, if you think you’ve experienced any health issues that might be related to handling, using, or consuming Family Dollar products, you should contact a doctor. Rodents can carry plenty of germs that can be passed on to humans, including Salmonella.