www.androidpolice.com This fantastic deal takes up to $350 off Amazon's best 4K Fire TVs

Because you really need eARC, trust me

If your TV has become less of an actual television and more of a hub for you to plug in all of your streaming devices for access to your favorite services like Disney+, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime Video, it may be time to upgrade your old girl and buy a smart TV that already has all your apps waiting for you in the main menu — or directly on the remote. Amazon's Fire TV system remains one of the most popular on the market today, and its Omni Series is hundreds off in this sale that's just in time for March Madness.

All sizes of the Omni Series — and the more budget-conscious Fire TV 4 Series — have been discounted between 25% and 40% so that you can get the big screen you want at the price you deserve. The Omni Series takes pride in letting you ditch the remote as needed thanks to the built-in microphone arrays that let you use Amazon Alexa commands to control your TV whether the remote is on the nightstand or all the way across the room. Like Amazon Echo devices, there's a dedicated mic mute button at the bottom of the TV that will show a red light when disabled, unlike most smart TVs that completely lack a mic mute switch. (It's easy to cover up if your bedroom is a "no LEDs at night" zone, fellow abyss-black sleepers.)


Amazon Fire TV Omni Series

All sizes here offer 4K resolution with HDR10 and Dolby Digital Plus audio support, but the Omni Series 65-inch and 75-inch come with Dolby Vision, too, for sharper contrast and brightness for a better viewing experience. The 65-inch Omni Series is also the biggest discount and the best value of the bunch, as it's 40% off to bring the normally $830 price down to $500. The 50-inch and 55-inch models are also $170 and $190 off respectively to come to $340 and $370 if you need something a bit smaller for your wall or your wallet. That said Dolby Vision's ability to make scenes shot in dim or dark areas become actually visible — I'm looking at you, Witcher — makes it a very, very handy feature to have.

www.androidpolice.com This fantastic deal takes up to 0 off Amazon's best 4K Fire TVs

Buy Fire TV Omni Series

$400 at Amazon (50") $500 at Amazon (65") $750 at Amazon (75")

Amazon Fire TV 4-Series

If you need something less home theater and more "mounted in the kitchen for baking videos and watching during dinner", the Fire TV 4 Series may be more up your alley. You don't get the hands-free Alexa voice controls, but in more crowded areas like the kitchen or the dining room, the Alexa controls given via remote button-press will be more accurate and won't come on randomly. You still get HDR10 4K resolution and all your favorite apps just a button or two away, and the same ports as the Omni Series: three HDMI, 1 HDMI eARC, optical out, Ethernet, USB-A, headphones/digital out, and an IR emitter port for if you need to give the remote a better area to aim for. The discounts on the 4-series aren't quite as deep, instead bringing the 50-inch and 55-inch models down to about the same price as the more deeply discounted Omni Series models, but the 4-series is aimed at a slightly different use case and feature set.

Buy Fire TV 4-Series

$280 at Amazon (43") $320 at Amazon (50") $350 at Amazon (55")

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