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Whether you prefer sim-racing games or action and adventure-packed games, a stable Wi-Fi connection is your secret to acing it every time. But what if your Wi-Fi signal drops to zero the moment you step out of the living room?

Investing in a Wi-Fi extender for gaming is a sure-fire way to stop you from worrying about poor connectivity. No matter where you are in your house, a Wi-Fi extender can offer an extended range, enabling you and your family to continue your internet-based activities without any interruption.

Here are the best Wi-Fi extenders for gaming that you can purchase today.

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1. TP-Link AC2600

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The TP-Link AC2600 is one of the most popular Wi-Fi extenders for gaming. Everything about it, from the design to performance, is quite outstanding, boasting a range of up to 14,000sq.ft. The LED status panel on the face lets you easily track signal strength and connectivity status, while the large LED ring comes in handy during setup. It blinks red when the signal is strong and blue when it’s average, allowing you to quickly find the perfect spot for your extender.

It offers an impressive 800Mbps on the 2.4GHz band and 1733Mbps on the 5GHz band, which means your Wi-Fi signal remains strong regardless of the bandwidth you are using. Other than high bandwidth, this mesh extender promises to greatly enhance your gaming experience thanks to its intelligent processing engine. The engine transmits data through dedicated traffic paths, leaving the unit’s processor free to facilitate faster communication between the router and the extender.

On top of that, the TP-Link AC2600 also features MU-MIMO support which breaks Wi-Fi signals into multiple streams allowing the extender to connect to multiple devices at a go for better connectivity. Add in beamforming technology support, gigabit Ethernet port, and 256QAM technologies, and you’ll never have to complain about lag interfering with your gaming experience. You can easily control guest privileges or set up parental controls using TP-links highly intuitive Tether App for Android and iOS.

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The Netgear EX8000 is one of Netgear’s premium Wi-Fi extenders. You'll find an eight-LED status panel on the front, designed to show the performance of its various connections. On the back, there are a generous amount of gigabit ethernet ports, meaning you can even hook up your gaming console to this unit when you need crazy fast speeds for your gaming tournaments.

There’s also a USB port for fast and seamless file sharing and an in-built DLNA server meaning you can stream stuff directly from your smart devices. As for performance, the EX8000 is quite impressive. It’s a triband mesh extender with transmission speeds of up to 17,000Mbps. With throughput speeds of up to 3,000Mbps, this mesh extender allows you to connect up to 55 devices simultaneously and still manages to supply the strongest connection to each.

As if not impressive enough, Netgear went ahead and incorporated their innovative FastLane3 technology, meaning you connect to the third 5GHz band over a dedicated backhaul radio for lightning-fast Wi-Fi speeds. It’s capable of amplifying Wi-Fi connections on spaces as big as 2,800sq.ft making it perfect for large homes and offices.

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3. Rockspace

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The Rockspace Wi-Fi Extender is undoubtedly one of the best Wi-Fi boosters for gaming in the market. It has a black color and features a pair of external adjustable antennas to boost signal strength. You’ll find a three-LED status indicator panel and a WPS button on the front. The LEDs blink blue when everything is working as they should and glows red when signal strength is weak, and the unit needs to be moved closer to your router.

A gigabit Ethernet port that greatly amplifies signal strength when connected directly to your router or your gaming devices is on the bottom. The tiny holes throughout the sides and the top keep the extender well-ventilated at all times. The Rockspace Wi-Fi extender increases your Wi-Fi coverage by up to 1,200sq.ft. It delivers 300Mbps on the regular band and up to 800Mbps on the faster, 5GHz band. You may connect up to 25 devices simultaneously, which is quite impressive for a Wi-Fi booster on its price range.

This extender also features universal compatibility, meaning you don’t have to worry about the type of router you have at home. Setup is relatively straightforward too. Simply plug it into a power outlet and go to Rockspace’s web-based interface to customize your network’s name or password. Note, however, the app has somewhat limited features.

www.makeuseof.com The 7 Best Wi-Fi Extenders for Gaming

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The Nighthawk X4 EX7300 features tiny air vents throughout its construction to prevent overheating even when the extender is connected to multiple devices. When your connection is fast and reliable, the LED panel blinks green, and when connectivity is poor, it flashes red. Design aside, the Nighthawk X4 extender performs impressively. It boosts your Wi-Fi coverage up to 2,300sq.ft. It also uses your SSID name so you remain connected throughout your house.

What’s more, you can connect up to 40 devices to this extender simultaneously. The Netgear EX7300 is a dual-band extender with total throughput speeds of up to 2,200Mbps perfect for streaming multiplayer games. The Netgear Nighthawk X4 extender uses beamforming to send signals directly to your devices to offer even better speeds and all-around satisfying performance.

This is further enhanced by MU-MIMO technology and Netgear’s patented FastLane technology, creating a dedicated wireless link to facilitate lightning-fast Wi-Fi speeds for demanding applications such as gaming and HD streaming. The extender’s web-based console allows you to track the connectivity and signal strength, enable or disable Wi-Fi bands or even view the connectivity data for each device through the extender’s web-based console.

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5. TP-Link AC1900 (Archer A9)

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The Archer A9 TP-Link Wi-Fi booster is quite compact, and thanks to its rectangular shape, can be placed on any flat surface. If you prefer to permanently mount it on the wall, TP-link made it easy for you, thanks to the pair of mounting halls at the back. The TP-Link AC1900 was designed to offer maximum speeds for gaming and other demanding applications. The 5GHz band offers an impressive 1,300Mbps, which is impressive compared to models within the same price bracket.

These already impressive Wi-Fi speeds are further enhanced by MU-MIMO technology which offers multiple data streams to ensure high-speed connectivity and beamforming technology which focuses Wi-Fi signals to a single device for even better connectivity. But that’s not all because you also get Air Fairness which boosts Wi-Fi connectivity by sacrificing network time on slow devices.

There’s also a smart connect to automatically switch your devices to the strongest Wi-Fi signals as you move from one room to another. That means even your gaming devices remain automatically connected to the strongest Wi-Fi signals regardless of how far your gaming room is from the router. The TP-Link Archer A9 happens to be among the few Wi-Fi booster models with Alexa. That means you can turn features such as guest Wi-Fi handsfree.

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6. Linksys RE7000 AC1900

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The Linksys RE7000 is a dual-band Wi-Fi booster for gaming with throughput speeds of up to 1,900Mbps. It features a 2.4GHz and 5GHz band for combined speeds of up to 1.9Gbps. These speeds are further enhanced by various technologies such as crossband, which promotes data reception and transmission through separate bands for stronger signals, and beamforming which transmits signals directly to the client.

It also boasts MU-MIMO support for even better Wi-Fi speeds and an improved gaming experience. As if not impressive enough, Linksys also added seamless roaming to automatically switch your device to the strongest Wi-Fi signal whenever you move to a new area in your house. The Linksys RE7000 extender boosts your Wi-Fi coverage to up to 10,000sq. Ft. It eliminates dead zones throughout your home and significantly increases your Wi-Fi speeds for a superb gaming experience.

You can configure it as an access point and; there’s even a gigabit ethernet port for when you need to hook up your gaming console and streaming devices directly to the extender. The Linksys RE7000 also offers a no-hassle installation experience as all you need to do is press the push button to hook it up with your router automatically. It even features Spot Finder Technology, a feature that assists you in finding the ideal spot for mesh extender installation.

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The Netgear X6 EX7700 is yet another good Wi-Fi extender from Netgear. It’s ideal for gamers looking for a mesh extender with better features than Netgear’s entry-level EX7500 mesh extender but doesn’t want to shell extra bucks for the Nighthawk EX8000 Wi-Fi booster. The two ethernet connections mean you can directly hook up your gaming devices to the extender for improved gaming speeds.

Like Netgear’s extenders, the Nighthawk X6 EX77000 router ditches the standard power outlet for an AC adapter, making the setup and installation process a breeze even for the novice. The angular design combined with three, tiny almost invisible feet means this unit will sit solidly on any flat surface. Also, since all antennas are internal and the unit doesn’t require plugging in, this extender can sit pretty much anywhere.

The Netgear EX7700 mesh extender ships with a quad-core CPU. This coupled with a total throughput speed of 2.2Gbps means it offers superb gaming speeds at all times. It’s a triband extender with 400Mbps on the 2.4GHz band and over 800Mbps on the two 5GHz bands. It also uses Netgear’s Fastlane3 technology on the third 5GHz band to create a direct connection with the router, conversely lowering device congestion to speed up Wi-Fi connectivity speeds for gaming. But of course, this comes at a price.

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Q: How do I set up my Wi-Fi extender for the strongest signal?

To set up the best Wi-Fi extender for PC for the best signal, ensure the power outlet is somewhere between the area you want to amplify Wi-Fi coverage on and your router. For instance, if you’re looking to amplify Wi-Fi strength in your gaming room and the router is in your living room, install your Wi-Fi booster about halfway between the two spaces. If the area has no power outlet, you may use an extension cord or have one installed. While at it, try to remove obstacles such as mirrors to prevent your Wi-Fi signal from being obstructed. If your extender has adjustable antennas, reposition them until you achieve the best possible signal.

Q: What Makes The Best Wi-Fi Extender For Gaming?

A good Wi-Fi extender for gaming should be dual-band so you can dedicate the higher, faster 5GHz band to your gaming devices for stronger Wi-Fi connectivity. However, note, some of the best Wi-Fi extenders for gaming are dual-band with a dedicated backhaul radio for even faster speeds on the dedicated Wi-Fi band. Besides bandwidth, a good Wi-Fi booster for gaming should be compatible with the latest Wi-Fi standards (at least 802.11ac). It should also feature an intuitive web or app-based management console with plenty of customization options. Look for gigabit and USB ports for extra connectivity options.

Q: How Does A Wi-Fi Extender Work?

A Wi-Fi extender works by connecting to your router and then duplicates and rebroadcasts the Wi-Fi signals to other areas. Most extenders do so wirelessly but also feature an ethernet port to connect to your router directly for an even stronger Wi-Fi connection. In other words, a Wi-Fi extender boosts your Wi-Fi coverage by duplicating your router’s signal. Depending on your exact model, the setup process can be either via an app, website, or both. Note, the best Wi-Fi extenders for gaming typically feature universal compatibility meaning you will not need to ditch your current router for a new one.

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