Automate your Vacuum and Mopping Sessions with the New obode P8

It’s a very interesting time in the world of robot vacuums, as we are seeing all sorts of new innovations that continue to add further automation to these machines. Now with a new product called the obode P8, you can get a robot vacuum that can refill its own water tank, and dry its own mop, using the docking station. The obode P8 adds more automated features, resulting in even less time that you’ll spend interacting with your vacuum.

obode P8

Clean, Sweep, and Mop with Automated Efficiency

The obode P8 is a smart robot vacuum with the ability to clean your carpets and hard floors. Mopping modes are dry and wet, although the two modes can be combined easily. Using this method avoids the common problems with automated machines such as spreading mud during sweeping, thus ensuring a deep clean.


Automate your Vacuum and Mopping Sessions with the New obode P8

Mopping the floor can be made easier with the smart lifting roller brush. The brush can be raised 7mm at any time. Upon raising the roller brush, the vacuum function will automatically be turned off to eliminate inefficient cleaning. This removes the need to use multiple attachments, which is common with other robot vacuum brands.

Whenever the user switches the cleaning mode, the backwashing and drying of the mop will automatically be triggered to prevent secondary pollution. The obode P8 will return to its docking station and proceed with the docking process.

Smart Mopping Advancements

When you get a vacuum with a built-in water tank, the typical way to refill this would be to detach the tank and take it to the sink. This is no longer needed with the obode P8, thanks to the autofill feature integrated into the docking station. When the P8’s tank is empty, it will dock at the station and the 220ml water tank will be replenished using the internal water supply.

Bubble shower function makes it easy to remove stubborn stains with water spraying, and the rotary pressurized mopping at 200 rpm means the pressure reaches 14N, providing deep decontamination without leaving any residue on the floor. Wet mopping is accomplished with the robot at a low noise level of 56dB.

Smart Sweeping and Vacuum Advancements

The new features don’t end with mopping but can be found with sweeping and vacuuming as well. The P8 is able to do a much better job at basic sweeping, than robot vacuums from the past. The robot has the ability to automatically recognize carpets and activate the super suction pressurization mode of 2000Pa, which sucks out the stubborn and fine dust in the gaps deep in the carpet.

The new LDS smart navigation system can achieve centimeter-level high-speed mapping without omissions. The sixth-generation navigation algorithm is combined with ToF radar and several sets of navigation sensors. A triple anti-collision system helps the robot avoid obstacles and leave difficult areas with maximum flexibility.

Manage your Cleaning with the obode Life APP

Of course, every smart vacuum needs a fantastic companion app that allows you to schedule cleaning, monitor ongoing sessions, and map out your home with different rooms and no-go zones. The app that you’ll need to manage the obode P8 is called obode Life APP. When you use the app, you are able to adjust the cleaning settings, customize cleaning strategies, manage multiple maps, set up flexible partition cleaning, fixed-point cleaning, and more.

Sales for the obode P8 are set to go live on February 9. If you sign up before the launch date here, you can receive a $500 coupon for a $1 deposit. This will let you get the obode P8 for nearly half off, at$1099$599. obode comes fromMidea Robozone, an innovator in smart cleaning technology that develops various cleaning solutions.

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