Samsung’s Jet 90 Stick Vacuum: Cordless, convenient office cleaning

Cleanliness and hygiene are on everyone’s mind as coronavirus concerns persist in national headlines. Even though local economies have begun to open up, people are still concerned about exposure and infection. This is especially true in the workplace.

With increased special cleaning protocols, it is no surprise that all other areas of cleanliness are coming under microscopic view. One of these non-essential office cleaning spots are the floors. Cue in Samsung’s Jet 90 Stick Vacuum.

We took the Vacuum for a proverbial spin, and boy did it live up to the “new” high standards of cleanliness. Samsung’s Jet 90 Stick Vacuum premium range comprises three models: the Jet 90 Pro, Jet 90 Complete, and Jet 90 Pet Stick Vac. We had the Jet 90 Pro.

In terms of power, it offers up to 200W of vacuum suction power for up to 60 minutes of runtime, (while in mid mode), which means you could clean your entire small business office or home on a single charge. Not bad. Not bad at all!

Samsung’s Jet 90 Stick Vacuum: Cordless, convenient office cleaning

The Jet 90 Pro is a lightweight vacuum that provides high performance, ease of use, and cordless convenience. With its five-layer filtration system, this stick vacuum effectively removes dust and helps clean the air in your office. With this handy cleaning companion our hard floors were left spotless and pristine in no time.

It is impressive how the Samsung Jet 90 maintains full suction throughout each clean. Samsung attributes this to using Jet Cyclone technology — a multi-cyclone system with nine cyclones and 27 air inlets that help create an “optimal air path” to suck dust, dirt, and debris without suction fading.

Most offices have multiple people from various backgrounds, and the Jet 90 features a five-layered filtration system that captures up to 99.9% of dust and allergens. This is the ideal range for people with asthma or allergies. To cater for different office setups, you also get four multi-surface cleaning tools, including a mini-motorised tool for the office couch and an extension crevice tool for those narrow spaces between shelves.

The freestanding charge stand is an accessory on its own. When the powdered milk or sugar gets spilt, the vacuum is close to hand and can be conveniently placed back its stand.

Key Features

Over and above, the Jet 90 looks really good. With limited feet in the office, it did a stellar job of maintaining the floors and in-between spaces between the cupboards.