Jasco myTouch Smart Wi-Fi Outdoor Smart Plug Review

The Jasco myTouch Smart Wi-Fi Outdoor Smart Plug ($39.99) provides a quick and easy way to turn outdoor devices such as landscape lights and pool filters into smart home devices that you can control with a mobile app or with your voice using Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant commands. Designed to withstand the elements, this weather-resistant single outlet smart plug installs in minutes and uses a mobile app that lets you create multiple on/off schedules. It functions as advertised, but doesn't work with Apple HomeKit or other home automation devices like our Editors' Choice, the iHome iSP100 Outdoor SmartPlug.

Design and Features

The plug has a glossy black weather-resistant enclosure that measures 4.0 by 2.5 by 1.5 inches (HWD). There's a 7-inch power cable with a three-prong plug on one end and a three-prong outlet on the other end. A small loop built into the power cord can be used to secure the plug to a post or any support structure, and there's a slot on the back that you can use to hang it on a wall. The on/off button on the top of the enclosure flashes blue during setup and glows solid blue when the plug is on. To reset the plug to its factory default settings, press and hold the button for 10 seconds.

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The plug is controlled using the same mobile app (for Android and iOS) as other myTouch devices, including the indoor myTouch Smart Plug and myTouch In-Wall Smart Outlets and Smart Switches. The Devices screen displays tabs for all installed myTouch devices and has buttons that turn all of the devices on and off. To control a specific device, tap the light bulb icon at the far right of the device tab to turn that plug on or off. To edit the plug's name, add a picture, check the firmware version, or delete the device, tap the pencil icon.

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To create on/off schedules, tap the plug name. This takes you to a Programs screen where you can create schedules for Evening, Dusk to Dawn, and Morning. The Evening and Morning presets are customizable and can be run every day of the week or only on specific days, and the Dusk to Dawn program turns the plug on at dusk and off at dawn using your local sunrise/sunset schedule. There's also a My Countdown option that lets you set a timer from one minute up to 24 hours, and a My Programs option for creating custom schedules. The All Programs option lets you see what programs are active and allows you to turn each one on or off.

There are buttons along the bottom of the Devices screen for adding new devices and for creating groups that allow you to control two or more devices at the same time. The Support button contains FAQs, programming instructions, and directions on how to set the plug up to work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands.

Installation and Performance

To install the plug, simply plug it into an outlet, download the mobile app, and create an account. When the LED begins flashing blue, tap the Add Devices button at the bottom of the Devices screen. Next, select Outdoor Plug-In Switch, choose your Wi-Fi SSID, enter your password, and tap Connect. Within seconds the plug should be connected and added to your Devices screen. Now you can edit its name by tapping the pencil icon and turn it on and off by tapping the light bulb icon.

The myTouch outdoor plug worked as promised in testing. It responded instantly to on/off commands using the app button as well as the physical button, and it had no trouble following my Dusk to Dawn and custom schedules. Likewise, it followed my Alexa voice commands without issue.

As with the indoor version, this plug lacks support for IFTTTapplets that let it interact with other connected IFTTT-enabled devices. It also lacks the support for Apple HomeKit, Wink, SmartThings, and Nest platforms that you get with the iHome iSP100 SmartPlug, and it won't tell you how much energy you've used like the iDevices outdoor smart switch does.


With the Jasco myTouch Smart Wi-Fi Outdoor Smart Plug, you can control landscaping and patio lights, pool and spa filter pumps, and most other outdoor electrical devices with your phone or by using Alexa or Google Assistant voice commands. It's a snap to install and gives you a variety of scheduling options, but it doesn't offer the interoperability with other smart devices and home automation platforms that you get with our reigning Editors' Choice for outdoor smart plugs, the iHome iSP100.

Jasco myTouch Smart Wi-Fi Outdoor Smart Plug

3.5See It$51.00 at AmazonMSRP $39.99



The Bottom Line

The Jasco myTouch Smart Wi-Fi Outdoor Smart Plug lets you easily control outdoor appliances using your phone or your voice.

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Jasco myTouch Smart Wi-Fi Outdoor Smart Plug Review