Can You Still Poop With Impacted Feces?

Why is my baby crying while pooping?

In most cases, babies cry when they poop because their digestive system is immature.

The first few months with a baby are often a learning curve for parents.

Can You Still Poop With Impacted Feces?

Every little deviation from the normal is a cause for concern. One scare parents often face is the baby’s pooping problems. Is my baby pooping enough? Why does my baby turn red and appear to strain while pooping?

The good news is that most newborn babies strain and cry, and their faces may turn red when they have a bowel movement. Newborn babies will have one or more bowel movements daily, but may skip passing stools for a day (sometimes even days). This is normal if the baby is active and gaining weight.

Breastfed babies' stools are golden yellow, soft, and slightly runny. The stools of formula-fed babies tend to be a little firmer but should not be hard or formed. It is difficult for the baby to pass stools because their abdominal muscles are weak.

In most cases, no intervention is necessary. If the stool is hard like a pellet, tinged with mucus or blood or there are rashes around the baby’s anus, contact the pediatrician.

Other reasons for babies crying when pooping may include: