Industrial Style Bathrooms Ideas

If you are looking for a new design for your bathroom, an industrial style is one of the best options to choose. It is characterized by utilitarian spaces and raw materials. If you have been inside warehouses where you see beams, pipes, or black rail shower, then you have an idea of what an industrial bathroom is.


What are the Ways of Designing an Industrial Style Bathroom?


Expose the pipes


Industrial Style Bathrooms Ideas  


One of the easiest ways to achieve an industrial style bathroom is by exposing the pipes in it. But this should be artistically designed to make it appear clean and raw at the same time. Using brass pipes can achieve that look. Get customized pipes and have them designed with bends so that it creates a pattern that is appropriate to the bathroom.




Industrial Style Bathrooms Ideas  


You may have seen bricked walls inside bathrooms of apartments. These are old buildings that are either turned into housing spaces or have had the same design from the day they were constructed.


But you can still achieve that same look by having your panel walls replaced with real bricks. Another option is to use a slab and design it so that it will look like normal bricks. Install additional industrial fixtures with yellow light to complete the aesthetic.


If you do not want to spend a lot, another way to get that bricked wall design is by installing brick wall tiles. These look good and will be less costly compared to the replacement of the whole wall.


Black fixtures


Industrial Style Bathrooms Ideas  

Because you want to get the raw and dark shade in the bathroom, you can opt for black fixtures. A black rail shower looks great with black faucets and black pipes. Make the whole bathroom ensemble look cohesive by getting a black vanity tabletop or even black towels to get that industrial vibe.


Metal frames


Industrial Style Bathrooms Ideas  

Instead of the usual wooden or plastic frames, buy mirrors and dividers with metal frames. There are also available vanities with metal frameworks. Metal has always been part of the industrial theme. Put metal linings on the walls and ceiling to give your bathroom the intricate designs that add to its overall style.


Concrete accent wall


Industrial Style Bathrooms Ideas


Another surefire way of achieving the industrial style bathroom that you have always wanted is to put up a concrete accent wall. Its simple and rough appearance will blend well with the black or brass color of the fixtures. Make sure to apply multiple coats of sealer on the bathroom walls to make them waterproof.


Freestanding bathtub


Industrial Style Bathrooms Ideas


A freestanding bathtub goes well with the industrial theme of the bathroom. But do not take the ordinary bathtub that you can get from the store. Look for metal, silver, or white tubs that will add to the beauty of the overall aesthetic of the bathroom.


Trough sink

Industrial Style Bathrooms Ideas  


Trough sinks are great add-ons to your industrial-style bathroom. These sinks are made of concrete, porcelain, or cast iron. You can use metal or wooden frames for the sink. Do not forget to apply a sealant over the surface of the sink to make sure that water will not sip in through the concrete and drip to the floor.




The industrial style of the bathroom is well-loved by most homeowners because of its simplicity and functionality. It is also easy to design. The key is to know which accessory adapts well to the wall or tiles that you choose for your bathroom. A black rail shower looks good on white walls. Brick flooring may look great with wooden doors and ceilings. Have a contractor design your concept and see if it will be aesthetically pleasing to you.