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Flooding Event In Carterton - Update Wednesday 16 February Gordon Campbell: On New Covid Research, And Jane Campion

Flooding Event In Carterton - Update Wednesday 16 February Gordon Campbell: On New Covid Research, And Jane Campion
Wednesday, 16 February 2022, 12:37 pmPress Release: Carterton District Council

Teams yesterday worked backwards in the network to tracethe source of high in-flows. We have identified an area ofinterest (six blocks in total) where high flows remain andwill investigate this further when the network flowsreduce.Thank you once more for responding to ourrequests for help.We greatly appreciate everyone’spatience while we deal with this situation.

Flooding Event In Carterton - Update Wednesday 16 February Gordon Campbell: On New Covid Research, And Jane Campion

CURRENTSITUATIONThe water levels at the wastewater treatmentplant remain high and taking longer to subside thanexpected.

WHAT WE NEED FROM YOUPlease continueMINIMISING TOILET FLUSHING, showers and washing machineusage where possible to help reduce the flows into ourwastewater treatment plant.THIS MEANS:You CAN flushyour toilet, BUT only when necessary.You CAN takeshowers, BUT please keep them as short as possible.YouCAN use your washing machine, BUT only if it’surgent.

We expect we will be able to lift theserestrictions by the weekend, however we will confirm this onFRIDAY 18 FEBRUARY by 5pm.

OTHER ACTIONSWe arereducing the level of our wastewater reservoirs, however, wecan only discharge as fast as the UV treatment allows. Weanticipate additional capacity from the first new Dalefieldpond being available for storage at the end of nextweek.The weather forecast is looking okay for the nextfew days, which will help with the water levels.Part ofthe work we’re doing is making sure we maintain hygienewithout adding extra greywater to the system. We will do afull flush once water levels are low enough.We know youhave been asking about whether we can discharge some of thewater to the new ponds and whether they will be in a betterposition to cope with this type of extreme weather eventonce they are operational.The first of the new pondswill be open by the end of this month, but is not quiteready for us to discharge water to right now.Later inthe year we will also have an upgraded UV system which willgive us the ability to discharge more water.

MANHOLECOVERSWe are aware of a few manhole covers with sewageoverflowing. The water should stop flowing as the levelsdrop at the treatment plant. However, PLEASE REPORT THESE TOCOUNCIL by calling 06 379 4030 or filling out a servicerequest.In some instances we are able to chemical doseand clean down the area with super-chlorinated water,however, we need the water to stop flowing out the manholecover first.Once it stops we can attend to it as a highpriority.

PORTALOOSMore portable toilets havebeen set up around Carterton. These will be available untilFriday at the following locations:• Bird’s Park: Two[one at each entrance, to Frederick St and CharlesSt]• Memorial Square: Two• Moreton RdReserve• South End Park• Carrington Park:Four• Sparks Park• ClarevilleCemetery

HOW CAN I STAY UP TO DATELike and followour Facebook page @cartertondistrictcouncilCheck thehome page of our website updates on local radio More FM 89.5FMSubscribe toour email list in contact with friends, whānau and elderly neighbourswho may not be asconnected.

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