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Follow these tips to avoid UTI in winter season

Follow these tips to avoid UTI in winter season

Winter season with its many perks has its own allure. As the weather gets better, appetite and digestion improve, and one may like to step outside and explore nature. While the season keep many discomforts associated with hot and humid weather at bay, it is the time where certain ailments from arthritis, heart issues, respiratory problems as well as skin issues are on rise. Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are also common in winters, but can be avoided by following certain tips.

The risk of UTIs in winters increases due to cold-induced dieresis which is your body’s way of preventing hypothermia by decreasing blood flow to the skin and concentrating it around the organs to keep them warm.

UTIs can be prevented by hydrating yourself well even when you do not feel thirsy too frequently. One should also not avoid the urge to urinate as that may also increase risk of a bladder infection. Good personal hygiene and eating food rich in Vitamin C can help you keep the disease away.

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"When your kidneys have more waste to filter out of your blood, they tend to produce more urine than their normal capacity. Thus, there is an increased urge to urinate when it’s cold," says Dr Santosh Palkar, Consultant – Urologist, Zen Multi speciality.

The symptoms of UTIs have increased urination, inability to empty your bladder completely, foul urine odor, cloudy or dark urine, and fever.

Follow these tips to avoid UTI in winter season

Here are some of the tips you must follow to avoid UTI in winter season as per Dr Palkar.

Drink around 10 glasses of water each day: Do you avoid drinking water in winter because it's too cold? You might be making a mistake as it may increase your risk of UTI. Staying hydrated will help your urinary system to flush toxic waste effectively, and keep away the urinary tract infections. Try to drink as much as water you can.

Avoid holding the urine for too long: Urinate as soon as you get the urge to go to the washroom to reduce your risk of bladder infection.

Good personal hygiene: It is imperative for you to follow good hygiene practices. After visiting the toilet, make sure to clean your genital area thoroughly.

Wear cotton underwear: It will be beneficial for you to wear cotton underwear which will allow the crotch area to stay dry. Trapping too much moisture in that area can make an excellent breeding ground for bacteria. So, opt for skin-friendly fabrics only.

Load up on Vitamin C: Eating foods loaded with vitamin C can boost immunity and increase the level of acidity of your urine, eradicating the bacteria that can cause infections. Eat oranges, kiwi, red peppers, and grapefruit to stay healthy.

Go for cranberries: It is one of the potent remedies for UTIs. This fruit is packed with proanthocyanidins, a chemical compound that allows the prevention of E. Coli bacteria from getting attached to the bladder, and reduces the instances of infection.

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