Go Ahead, Unroll These Unique Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

We’ve all got them — toilet paper rolls. An eco-friendly approach is to recycle the cardboard tubes as quickly as they accumulate. But before you toss them in the recycling bin, consider their crafting potential. These rolls are a versatile material that the kids — and you — can use in a variety of projects.

Go Ahead, Unroll These Unique Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

The lowly toilet paper roll doesn’t seem like it should be worthy of artistic display. But you’d be surprised at what a cardboard cylinder can become with just the right touch. Check out this collection of more than 300 ideas of how to transform a cardboard toilet paper roll into a craft sensation.

Toilet Paper Roll Craft Ideas

For starters, here are a variety of great ideas for fun, artistic, and useful toilet paper roll crafts.

Feature image courtesy of Stacie. Originally published on March 19, 2015, this article was updated in April 2021.

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