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'Gutfeld!' on Biden admin using teen TikTok stars to coordinate messaging on Ukraine war

'Gutfeld!' on Biden admin using teen TikTok stars to coordinate messaging on Ukraine war

Gutfeld: This is what happens when there's no adults in the room

'Gutfeld!' panelists react to Biden administration turning to teenage TikTok stars to coordinate messaging on Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

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This is a rush transcript from "Gutfeld!," March 15, 2022. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated.

GREG GUTFELD, FOX NEWS CHANNEL HOST: Happy Tuesday. So, as war rages on, what are the other world leaders doing in response? In Britain, the guy with fish and chips on his head, actually met with oil and gas industries yesterday to figure out his country's energy plan as it looks to move away from Russian gas. Now compare that to us with the remedial class known as the Biden administration looks to teenage TikTokers talkers to coordinate messaging on Russia's invasion of Ukraine and blame Putin for rising gas prices. Not surprising in a White House where the only adult thing are the diapers.


ELLIE ZEILER, TIKTOK STAR: Why is gas so expensive? And why is the United States inflation rate at a four-time decade high? I had the opportunity to ask the White House why gas down the street is $7.00 and here's what they said. Russia is one of the top three producers of oil and it is actually their number one revenue source. Now with Putin starting this horrific fight between Ukraine and Russia, nobody wants to work with him during international trade.

So, with people being scared of war and limited resources, prices are bound to go up as well.


GUTFELD: That was terrible. So that was one of the 30 influencers at a march Zoom meeting with White House officials at NSC staffers. And they definitely influenced me throw up all over my lap. What's Joe going to do next? Hit up the half-naked soccer moms on only fans for immigration tips? So, while Ukrainians die, and Americans raised their 401(k)s to buy groceries, our leaders are chatting up obnoxious brats about how to lie to the American people.

But maybe that's the White House's emotional level. And rather than try to figure out a way to stop the next World War, they fret about rising gas prices, ruining their political chances. Because with Libs it only comes down to holding power. But this is also what happens when there are no adults in the room. Back in the day, serious people took serious things seriously. Last time I checked during the Cuban Missile Crisis, JFK wasn't getting his military advice from the Mickey Mouse Club.

What the hell did Annette Funicello know about war anyway? Now we go to TikTok which is used to gaslight the American people, but they're not even good at gaslighting unless you're talking about Joe with a Bic lighter after a bowl of beans. Meanwhile, be careful if you dare question joining the war. Then you become a trader. Here are the co-hosts of The View otherwise known as the Five Stooges suggesting the DOJ investigate Tucker Carlson and Tulsi Gabbard.


ANA NAVARRO, THE VIEW HOST: -- DOJ in the same way that it is setting up a task force to investigate oligarchs should look into people who are Russian propagandist and shilling for Putin.

WHOOPI GOLDBERG, THE VIEW HOST: They used to arrest people for doing stuff like this. If they thought you were colluding with a Russian agent, if they thought you were putting out information or taking information and handing over to Russia. Now, you know, there seems to be no bias and people are not being told to hate Putin. Putin doesn't need a reason to be hated. It's pretty much clear.


GUTFELD: Oh. Like a -- like a break room and an inner circle of hell. They used to arrest people for stuff like this. What stuff do you mean? Like how bad your show is? Because that offense could be next. What an interesting view to hold if you have your head up your ass. But this modern McCarthyism is spreading like a Swalwell fart. Here's Claire McCaskill.


CLAIRE MCCASKILL, MSNBC POLITICAL ANALYST: Tucker Carlson and others are really, really close to treason in terms of what they're saying and parroting what is his Putin's dream.


GUTFELD: Close to treason, how cowardly. Mitt Romney tweeted that Gabbard is guilty of spewing treasonous lies. Maybe Mitt can find Tulsi and his binders full of women if he looks under courage. We don't mitts in our binder filed under smukke. So, questioning military intervention is treasonous. Even if you're a combat veteran like Tulsi. Disagree with her not you got to admit she has more balls than a bucket of title lists.

So, what happened to free thought? What happened to avoiding World War III? I guess it's easy to push war when you're here, far away from the mess. It's why I don't do it. It's a lot like all those T.V. hosts telling you to stay home and definitely during COVID because they still got paid. They could do their show from home. This is no different. But since I'm not going anywhere, I'm sure as hell not going to tell you to go somewhere and die.

Meanwhile, the president moles whether he should fly to Europe after sending the town Cackler in. He's probably worrying about those tricky stairs that he has to navigate to get up on Air Force One. That appears now he may be going to Europe next week. Next week. Great. What's the hurry? It's only women and children being slaughtered. Why not go tomorrow or today? What's the delay?

You're too busy choosing a flavor of ice cream for the right over? Let's see what Joe's mulling.


TIM SHILLUE, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Hey, hey, hey. Come on. Look, look. Don't give me that McCarthyism stuff. I was -- there's a different time back then. Back then the senators and congressmen calling people reds. We don't do that. Now I get celebrities and social media people to do it for me. Yes. But I'm going over there. I'm going to Brussels. I don't really like the sprouts. They don't agree with me. And I don't like the way they smell either. I'd rather smell a nice shampooed head. Get ready, Angela.


GUTFELD: Ready. It's weird. People are called traders for a mulling about not entering a war, yet others can casually mull over sending your kids to a foreign war. And yet they're patriotic. But if you want this war, then what's the next step? You OK with more dead, including Americans? These are questions the left used to ask. Google anything about Vietnam protesters.

I mean, did we really run out of Afghanistan so we could run headfirst into war in Europe? I mean, at least give us a little in-between war palate cleanser, like a dish of sorbet or an invasion of Cuba. The number one goal should be to end this thing as fast as possible, which calls for some audacious diplomacy, not mulling it over, not sending Kamala, not indulging Tik Tok, which is owned by China.

But we live in a time where it seems war is preferable to mediation. And if you don't go with the flow, you might be called a trader. I call it McCarthyism. But I don't want to offend the Irish so close to the 17th.


GUTFELD: Let's welcome tonight's guests. He's like your favorite salad, plenty of green and perfectly dressed. Host of "MAKING MONEY" on Fox Business Network, Charles Payne. Next year when Kat turns 50, he'll still look 12. Host of "THE GUY BENSON SHOW" and Fox News Contributor Guy Benson. Next year when Guy turns 12, she will still look 50. Fox News Contributor Kat Timpf.

Finally, bodyguard, wrestler, actor. There's nothing he can't do except fit into a Prius. My massive sidekick and the NWA World Television Champion, Tyrus.

Guy, thank you for getting the day off from the library. Coming down here. And when I gather your grandmothers in the audience.

GUY BENSON, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Tropic of Cancer is overdue by the way.


BENSON: You're on our list. Your copy is overdue.

GUTFELD: By the way, overrated book, Tropic of Cancer. Henry Miller? Hmm? There's only one good scene. It's no Naked Lunch, Guy. What? Sending Joe -- Joe go into Europe, that could help? What's going to help right now? What would you do if it was President Benson? Which will never happen because you know why, anyway.

BENSON: Is it because I was born in Saudi Arabia?

GUTFELD: Yes, that's it.

BENSON: Because it's -- that is true.

GUTFELD: Yes, I know.

BENSON: But I could be president I'm not running, don't worry, America.


BENSON: I don't know what could help right now. And I think humility is probably a good thing for people in our position.


BENSON: This is not an area of expertise. On my part, it seems to me as a total amateur whose of course, very concerned about what's happening, very much on the side of Ukraine and not Russia. I feel like there has to be some potential opportunity for Putin to extricate himself from the mess that he has caused and the destruction that he's wreaking right now. And what worries me is do we offer such concessions, we meaning sort of the freedom loving west.

Such concessions that it rewards what he's done. That is one side of this, but you also need to give him potentially something where he can basically lie to his people and say, I've achieved this and now finally, the killing can stop. I just don't know what that balance looks like. But maybe that's the off ramp here.

GUTFELD: Yes. The thing is people who say what you, you know, you cannot give him an off ramp, because then that's a reward. You can't give him too many off ramps too early. But there's a thing about Russians, it's a -- it's a -- they are a status seeking face saving culture. They need something to save face so he can go back. Maybe it's these territories, who knows?

BENSON: But you can't give away the store. Right?

GUTFELD: Yes. Exactly.

BENSON: And you don't want to be like, hey, you've achieved this. So, we're giving you a lot. Look, it's brutal. And I'm not going to sit here on your show and pretend like I've got easy answers because easy answers do not exist.

GUTFELD: Well, I have the easy answers. And I can pretend. You however can't. But I'm glad you noticed that. Charles, it's great to see you. It's been a while.


GUTFELD: You look fantastic as always. Great suit.

PAYNE: Thank you very much.





TYRUS: -- way strong.

GUTFELD: So are his glasses.

TYRUS: My first day here I wore a suit.


TYRUS: And I got in the elevator and there Payne and by the time we got off the elevator, I threw my suit in the trash. You can't, you know --

PAYNE: But you got the belt.


TYRUS: Yes. But I don't have the -- I mean, that's every day. That's not just for this.


TYRUS: He starts dress 24/7.

GUTFELD: You have a total commitment to who you are every day. Whereas I -- every day I wake up I never know what's going to happen. But, you know, I'm Charles Payne. I'm going to wear suit. Screw everybody. Charles, I have a question for you. I forgot what it was. I want to know what's in your head about this. Are you with Guy and you see kind of -- it seems like there's no way out of this other than just it keeps going for a while?

PAYNE: Yes. It's weird when people say we can't give Putin a victory because he's going to have some kind of a victory it looks like because of the options that might have mitigated that. First of all, listen, we're all playing -- to a degree, Guy, I commend you for trying not to write now. Just like we all became sort of scientists during COVID. We all become armchair generals, right?



PAYNE: -- this type. I -- listen, it's just so frustrating to hear the administration talk about things now that, you know, it's inflation. You saw it coming since last May and you wonder, well, we saw this coming. Why didn't they get the MiG-29?


PAYNE: Why didn't they get the armament when you watch the 190,000 troops lot at the border? And so, you know, were -- it's just -- and that's the infuriating part is like, maybe this could have been prevented and certainly could have been mitigated. And now we're -- now it's behind and listen, Vladimir Putin is going to have a Pyrrhic victory.


PAYNE: The bottom line. And so, ultimately, George Washington was a great general because he knew how to retreat. Sometimes you have to reset. And I think unfortunately, the -- this -- in spite of all the bravery we've seen from the Ukrainian people and Zelenskyy, they've got to find a way to reset and live again so they could fight another day.

GUTFELD: That's such a good point, you know. Kat, Pyrrhic victory is a win that comes amidst a greater future loss. Just wanted to make sure you understood that being a young --


GUTFELD: No, because you're so young. And speaking of young --


GUTFELD: You -- I'm looking at TikTokers who are, you know, half your age.

TIMPF: Yes. Because I'm old.

GUTFELD: Does it bother you that they're -- they have a bigger hold on power than you do that this TikToker is explaining gas policy to America and you aren't?

TIMPF: No, I have no interest in explaining gas policy to anyone.


TIMPF: I think I would probably do a better job than an 18-year-old which is true for most things. Not all.


TIMPF: I guess that it's just frustrating that it seems that their focus even now is how do we not get blamed for the problem and not solving the tons and tons of actual problems? That they should be working on instead. I think that this administration has been very image and politics focus over actual solutions and that's a real big loss for all of us.

GUTFELD: Nothing exists until there's a poll on it.

TIMPF: Right.

GUTFELD: Once they get the polling then crime is a problem, but if there's no poll, there's no crime. All right, Tyrus, in your Red Sox shirt.

TYRUS: He's phenomenal.

GUTFELD: Yes. Wrap it up.

TYRUS: He'd be calling -- he'd be calling Edith right now.

GUTFELD: It wasn't -- it was -- was it Edith?

TYRUS: Yes. She kicked ass and took names.


GUTFELD: Yes, yes, yes.

TIMPF: I am too young for this reference.

GUTFELD: He had the best junkyard.

TYRUS: Yes, he really did it. And speaking of junkyard, great way to segue into this. I cannot be more concerned about our current future when the White House sat down in a meeting with the supposedly the best and brightest minds of the Democratic Party and decided the best way to talk to America was through TikTok.


TYRUS: That goes back to my -- I always talk about that polite racism. That the progressives indulgent. This is a polite -- you're too stupid to understand. So, we got to -- they think the average American is as smart as they needed somebody on TikTok to read something that didn't even make sense.


TYRUS: Guy's face when it was four times decade we all -- Charles Payne is a great number man. He's a librarian, you know what I'm saying? And they couldn't figure it out.


TYRUS: When you look at that for what it is, I am terrified of what is going to happen the next few months based on this type of decision making.

GUTFELD: Yes. crazy. All right, up next. It's not your imagination, the size of products is below expectation.


GUTFELD: Waning power of a buck means we'll need to carry money around in a truck. Have you noticed less product in the container then the media thinks you're just a complainer? So, like jumping into a cold pool in the summer inflation makes something smaller. That's 7.9 percent. Companies are downsizing products. Using the same packaging but keeping the price the same.

It's known online as shrinkflation and consumers are taking notice. Apparently, Bounty, Crest, Doritos and even Wheat Thins are just some of the products that downsized in 2021. Their business model is tricking people like when my drug dealer ads baby laxative. But they've already cooked, they're already called Wheat Thins. If they get any thinner, we'll have to call them wheat models.

TYRUS: A sexist would say.

GUTFELD: Would say. Thank you for (INAUDIBLE)

TYRUS: I need this job.

GUTFELD: Yes. Meanwhile, the media still toes the line that Biden has nothing to do with inflation.


BRIAN STELTER, CNN ANCHOR: Can we have an honest conversation about gas prices? Because too much of the U.S. media chatter is distorted to the point of being dishonest.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Higher gas prices is a small sacrifice to make.

ALISYN CAMEROTA, CNN ANCHOR: Many politicians act as though it's President Biden who caused inflation and he can fix this.

RANA FOROOHAR, CNN GLOBAL ECONOMIC ANALYST: No, I mean, you know, he did not cause the war which caused prices to surge.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And you heard the President of the United States going to say Putin's price hike.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Putin's price hike.

CHUCK TODD, MSNBC HOST: Putin price hike.

CAMEROTA: Putin's price hike.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And Putin's price hike is a great way to message it.


GUTFELD: Oh boy, and they are on message. They carry more of Biden's water and his pants. So, what caused that inflation? We knew COVID relief money didn't help. But at least they went to good use. Am I right? Huh? Not really. Just 23 percent of the 800 billion given out by the paycheck protection program actually went to workers. More than 87 billion in unemployment benefits were improperly paid.

And the IRS gave 3.5 billion to dead people. Probably to aid Democrat voters. RIP. And as for inflation, no industry is safe.


TIMPF: No, Grandma, I never spend my money on stupid stuff. All right? Not in this economy. Oh. I got to go. My male escort is here. All right? I ordered a big one this time.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Are you Brittany?

TIMPF: Wow. Yes.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Sign here, please. Enjoy.

TIMPF: Wait, you are from

JOE DEVITO, COMEDIAN: Yes. Well, I mean, there's inflation but it's the same price. It's just a subtle difference in the packaging.



GUTFELD: I don't think anybody in Fox is tackling inflation the way we, do Charles. I haven't seen you -- how Inflation affects the male escort business quite such -- anyway, OK. They're all denying its Biden's fault.


GUTFELD: But how can you -- the effects are a direct cause.

PAYNE: I brought a prop. Unfortunately, I should have given it to you. This is the CPI chart. Right?


PAYNE: And this arrow is when President Biden --

GUTFELD: You can do graphics on television.

PAYNE: Right there. OK?


PAYNE: From that arrow, it went straight up. That's called parabolic. That's like, you know, when you shoot a rocket into space, so arrow Biden inflation that way. There's your -- there's your evidence that --


PAYNE: Yes. It was not a problem. CPI. 1.4 percent, January 2021. Almost eight percent today, probably 10 percent next month. Listen, that last tranche of cash he gave out. I know -- I know the political calculus. You pay for votes. I mean, it's pretty simple, right? It's dirty politics 101 or maybe politics 101. You buy votes. So how about a quick 1.9 trillion in the kitty?


PAYNE: You know what I knew was a problem about - a few months after that when they were talking about Build Back Better, they took these polls. And I'm talking polls from CNN, NBC. People were saying no more, no moss. I'm afraid more free money will harm my family. That's when you knew it was backfiring.

GUTFELD: Yes. Kat, excellent acting. And I almost felt like I was there.

TIMPF: I almost said too.

GUTFELD: You've been writing a blog on inflation for years. So, what's your expert opinion on this? What -- are you upset by the shrinkflation? I don't know if I care. I mean, I should care. But I --

PAYNE: You know what you don't care?

TIMPF: I don't care family.


GUTFELD: You got a family.

PAYNE: No. Fewer sheets of toilet paper.



TIMPF: Yes. I don't care --


GUTFELD: -- you actually use toilet paper.

TIMPF: Yes. When I buy snacks -- when I buy snacks, I like always eaten them late at night too much than I used to throw on the trash and eat it on. So, for normal people, though, probably matters.

GUTFELD: Yes. And if you have kids.

'Gutfeld!' on Biden admin using teen TikTok stars to coordinate messaging on Ukraine war

TIMPF: And if you have kids also don't have that.


TIMPF: But again, that I know of. Again, this is why -- this is why whenever, you know, we say when they're pumping money in the economy, hey, you know, this is going to happen. And then it happens. But the people on the left, say, you know, you're just horrible people. You want people to starve and be poor. And all that's true for some people like you.


TIMPF: You don't care if people start to --


GUTFELD: I stand by that. Yes.

TIMPF: It's not really the case with all of us.


TIMPF: We know that this was not hard to predict. Everybody predicted this.

GUTFELD: Yes. Tyrus, you must be -- well, everything is tiny compared to you.

TYRUS: I don't think any man's ever comfortable with shrinkage, Greg, as they go across the board. I think we all agree with that.


TYRUS: Just one more thing. That was your grandmother, you're on the phone with, correct? That -- don't let that slide by. That was genius.


TYRUS: Hey, hey, you know.

GUTFELD: She's such a sweetheart.

TYRUS: Don't work blue. When you -- we're forgetting about this population of people, they talk about oh, misappropriation of funds. There was a lot of mom and pops. And a lot of minorities and women in particular, that were destroyed because they were approved for this help money. And it never came.


TYRUS: And they made investments. They took out loans when they were waiting for the money to come in for the restaurant -- what was it? I forget what it's called with R.

PAYNE: Payroll protection.

TYRUS: Payroll protection, all that stuff. They made loans to cover their losses while they were waiting for this, while they got a letter from the government saying you were approved for this amount of money and it never came. And now they're looking -- they're -- we're seeing businesses go up, go up, go up out of business because they are in the red when they were already in the red and the government never came through.


TYRUS: And they're just so lackadaisical. Well, this is the thing that happens, and it's not a thing that happens. And there's no -- there's no rope for them. And then you look at the whole thing with the gas thing. I forgot. I took a picture. I think it was in January. And I was like, thanks a lot because I'm obsessed with gas prices because our previous administration, he made such a big deal out of.


TYRUS: I took a picture and posted it. It was 4.05 in Mandeville, Louisiana before it was like 2.25. And that was back in January. And I don't think Putin was doing -- was causing our inflation and our prices to go up then.

GUTFELD: Guy, at the library, has my -- has the inflation shrinkage affected the finding -- the fines?

BENSON: No. People are coming in all the time because they don't want to pay for books.

GUTFELD: Right. Yes.

BENSON: So, it's actually great for us.

GUTFELD: Right, yes. You're seeing a resurgence, not just among chronic homeless masturbators. But among actual readers.

BENSON: Really getting passionate about the Dewey Decimal System again, you have to see it. I want to thank you, Greg, for not directing a question about male escorts to me for once. Thank you. Here's what bothers me about this story and the blame game. Is it true that what's happening in Ukraine, what Putin is doing is contributing to this? Yes. Are there things out of Biden's control that are also fueling this? Absolutely.

Are there policy things that the White House has done and the Democrats have done in their unified government that are also contributing? Obviously, we'd be morons, not to believe that. It's nuanced. There's a combination of factors. All of these media news people talking about oh, it's so unfair to pin this all on Biden, it just happened to start going up precipitously as soon as he takes office, it's not fair.

Let's fact check this to death. Fine. I mean, some of that is fine to point that out. You know, that if this exact phenomenon and combination of factors were happening under the previous president, there would be no nuance, this would be all on Trump. Everything else, all the excuses, any sought -- any seeking out of nuance would be completely attacked and dismissed. And it doesn't bother me that much at the end of the day because I don't think it's really fooling anyone. I don't it's really working.


BENSON: Like Biden wanted this job. He got it. He owns this and if it's not 100 percent his fault, fine, but it is increasingly close to 100 percent his problem.

GUTFELD: There you go. All right. We got to move on. Up next, citizens armed themselves with pepper spray to keep gun toting thugs at bay.


JONATHAN HUNT, FOX NEWS CHANNEL CORRESPONDENT: This is a Fox News Alert. I'm Jonathan Hunt in Lviv, Ukraine, where air raid sirens are sounding right now and have been for several minutes. We have not, at this point, seen or heard any explosions in the wake of those sirens. It appears for the moment to be relatively quiet in the capital, Kyiv, too, following the visit there by three top European Union leaders, the leaders of Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovenia, all standing alongside President Zelenskyy of Ukraine saying you are not alone.

There were many strikes yesterday on Kyiv, at least a dozen people were killed in one particular strike that hit an apartment building in the center of that city, and the humanitarian catastrophe continues to play out in the southern city of Mariupol where 200,000 people are trapped. Now, back to regular programming.

GUTFELD: This woke corporation is avoiding the battle by pulling its workers at a downtown Seattle. Yes, Seattle crime drove Amazon away while New Yorkers line up to buy pepper spray. Amazon, the company, not the forest -- is temporarily relocating 1800 employees from its downtown Seattle office after a surge in violent crime, as police get a handle on the neighborhood where a 15-year-old boy was recently shot and killed.

In New York City's Chinatown, lines out the door is mostly Asian women, Asian women wait to buy pepper spray to protect themselves from criminal hell bent on hurting them. Evelyn Yang tweeting this is the clear sign people are living in fear. Check out this latest vicious attack in New York, a 67-year-old Asian woman beaten by a madman who punched her 125 times. I guess, the worst part is he was counting. She suffered multiple fractures and brain bleeding. Her attacker has been charged with attempted murder.

Meanwhile, an unhinged loon was caught on camera stabbing two employees at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC over the weekend, and he's finally been captured. Philadelphia police caught 40-year-old, Gary Cabana, no relation to Copa -- was arrested earlier this morning at a Greyhound bus station where almost everyone is a fugitive. The man allegedly told cops, "I'm not a bad guy. I just snapped." Well, OK, then, case Closed. I hope he gets his knife back. This is a story, Tyrus, that we haven't done in three weeks, and it's not like crime went away?

TYRUS, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: No, it didn't. And probably, the most difficult thing is the, the wording when you're reading the story. I, I understand the significance of what a hate crime is, but when the emphasis of the story is the words that he used --


TYRUS: -- opposed to the savage beating, now that monster, when he beat that woman -- I was, I challenge anyone to sit through that. And then go when you watch, and that went on forever.


TYRUS: And come back and say, well, it was a hate crime that he called her an Asian bitch. That's the least of the issue. We need to -- it has its place, I get it. But we need to start saying what it is. It is a savage, brutal attack. This woman, if she survives, will never be the same again; her face will be disfigured.

There is a moment where she is reaching for help with no help is coming. You -- any, you watch, and you tell me you need the AOCs, the people that wanted to defund the police? That is exactly the picture, the movies that you're going to see in this country. He never even once looked over his shoulder. He never wants to -- he took his time. He caught his breath. He composed himself after he was done and casually walked out the door because he is convinced and the crime element in this country is convinced that no one's coming.


TYRUS: And that --

GUTFELD: And it's true.

TYRUS: And that's 100 percent true, and you're not going to sit there. Well, he's mentally, he isn't nothing. He's a savage monster, who didn't even have the decency to make it quick. He dragged it out. He enjoyed himself. And that is why we need our men and women in blue, not just back, higher paid, more numbers and apologize to.

GUY BENSON, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Well, and prosecutors who will actually prosecute --

TYRUS: Thank you.

BENSON: -- people and keep them in jail, that's the revolving door problem where people know and they've heard that they can get away with things, right? They can go out, commit really awful crimes and be on the street within hours.


BENSON: And it happens over and over again in the same jurisdictions. In D.C., there was a young, younger than I am, doctor, who had his car stolen. He was car jack the other night. There's one a day in D.C. and he was killed with his own car. And the mayor of D.C. said, I was -- she was very upset about it. She didn't think the person meant to kill him. And then you know, she was back to forcing school kids to wear masks. I mean, it seems like we are really, really out of whack in our priorities in a lot of these cities.

GUTFELD: The thing that drives me crazy, Charles, is there's no shortage of outraged by the leaders like you'll see Mayor Adams, oh my God, that -- when these homeless were shot, oh, this is terrible or that mayors of Chicago but then nothing changes.


GUTFELD: You know.

PAYNE: It has to start with, with, with the jail terms.


PAYNE: You know, I grew up in Harlem in his 70s, right, and it was without a doubt the poorest most violent neighborhood in America and it was always kind of nuts and they say you know, hey, you know they would have these programs you know, call, call up and drop a dime on someone, right?


PAYNE: So, the person going to jail, come back six months later and kill the whole family. I mean, I would watch people stab someone and then they would either go away on their own somewhere and come back in six months or go to jail and come back.

If we don't put violent people away for long time -- I mean, virtually forever, you know it -- yes, more cops help deterrent is really important with that no matter what when you're trying to have to security but ultimately, we have to get them off the streets and keep them off the street.

GUTFELD: We can't keep -- you know, but Kat, as long as we keep creating new, like victim status definitions we can't keep them off the street. Now, I mean, no matter what, they're always going to be homeless and mentally ill; they never say criminal now. It's just almost and mentally ill.


GUTFELD: Or a good guy.

TIMPF: Which again, like actually good guys never talk about what good guys they are, that's something that I've learned.


TIMPF: Like being a good guy, being a bad guy is not an imprisonable offence, being a stabby guy is.


TIMPF: So, I really agree with you I think that violent criminals, that's a class of your own and you need to go away go away for a long time.


TIMPF: Because normal pieces, I snap. OK, I snap sometimes too, but I don't it doesn't ever involve me stabbing another person.

GUTFELD: You're talking about the MOMA guy.


GUTFELD: That snapped.


GUTFELD: Yes, yes, I'm sure that you were worried, Guy, being at a library that he was going to come to you next, but he only like you know he would be like museums. So, you're off, you're off the hook for now. He's been behind bars and soon so will you because I know what you did.

All right. Coming up, a test you don't want to pass because it could mean you're an ass.


GUTFELD: Can you identify the trait that makes you someone people hate? A new quiz observes while you get on people's nerves. Researchers from the University of Georgia have put together a personality test, they can say it determines if you're a difficult person to be around. Question one: are you Joy Behar? Just kidding. She called me a Russian agent for that, which I am.

The quiz that now analyzes seven so-called pathological personality characteristics by ranking your inclination towards callousness, grandiosity, domination, manipulativeness, suspiciousness, aggression, and of course risk taking. Those are the names of each of my yachts. All right, Kat.


GUTFELD: I didn't, I didn't take the test. I didn't know there was. I didn't have to. You are, you, you -- when I read this, I just think of you. You're very difficult person.

TIMPF: I'm not for the week. No, I scored as of somewhat difficult to deal with.


TIMPF: Mostly because I scored very high on risk taking. And I thought, what a diplomatic way to describe my lack of impulse control?


TIMPF: I am a risk taker.

GUTFELD: Exactly.

TIMPF: Yes, I mean, again, it's like so what?


TIMPF: You know, I'm fun. Like, OK, it's not smooth sailing, but you won't be bored around me.

GUTFELD: This is a great point, Charles. You know who they're talking about? They're talking about people like me, the boss. This is, this is meant to demoralize and demean people in high places. Oh, Greg's difficult. No, it's because I'm in charge. Damn it.

PAYNE: Yes, I've had a business for over 30 years and my employees call me the benevolent dictator and I'm proud of it. Here, here's my -- I brought another prop. Here's my score. I'm a little disappointed with this. I think the biggest assets are the people who put this together.


PAYNE: So, I scored highest on dominance. I did OK in callousness and manipulativeness, so I don't feel too bad there. Aggression was higher than I thought, maybe I'm an aggressive guy. But, you know, it was what bothered me says you were an easy person to get along with, with 39 percent of people. I thought it was score higher than that. I thought I'd be like 85 percent. You know, I get along with everybody just about so --

GUTFELD: It raises a point.

BENSON: No, you want to lower score.

PAYNE: Oh, do you?

BENSON: With this thing, you want to lower score.

PAYNE: OK, that's the way you're supposed to do it?

TIMPF: Yes, because mine was 51.43.

PAYNE: So, it's not a bad thing after all. It's not too bad. I kind of dig this thing.

GUTFELD: Guy, did you come off difficult?

BENSON: I'm an easy person to get along with. 31 percent, so, you know --

PAYNE: Oh, man.

BENSON: Kat said no one talks about what a good guy they are, but I will, because according to science, I'm a good guy. My biggest weakness apparently is grandiosity, which is correct. I work in television. Come on.

GUTFELD: Yes. Yes, you can't go anywhere. I have a theory, Tyrus, that people in general only think that, like, I think I'm difficult at, at specific times.

TYRUS: Morning, noon, and night.

TIMPF: Whenever you're awake.

TYRUS: That's the real point is that when I say, they go no, you're like this all the time. And I go, that can't be right, because I must be like, somewhat normal. But I gather that I'm going to have to take this test.


TYRUS: You don't have to sit -- well, I'm putting my championship on my shoulder because I'm an easy person to get along with 23 percent of the time.


TYRUS: Because I don't acknowledge a lot of people shorter than me. So, there's not enough going on. I keep my head in the clouds and I keep going, and the reason why I get along with you is well, most of the time when you yell, I just look up, so.

GUTFELD: So, wait, the lower the score, the better it is. So, 21 percent means that 80, 80 percent you get along with, no?

TYRUS: Yes, something like that. Yes.

BENSON: Yes, roughly that. And I just, I wish that they had had like being physically imposing on this scale, because then I would clearly add a few points to the rest of this.

TYRUS: But it does make a difference.

TIMPF: I am dainty.

TYRUS: People are less likely, with me, like this morning when we were getting breakfast. We clearly were talking too long in front of the cash register. The guy behind us never said, excuse me, he patiently waited, we got along with him.

PAYNE: He was at the MOMA a few moments early.

GUTFELD: You know, you just described, you describe the mask hypothesis that oh, people will only tell certain people to put their mask on but they will never tell you or Charles, but they might see -- Kat might be, walk into someplace or Guy might walk into some place and without your --

BENSON: They are required at the library.

GUTFELD: Yes. Yes, you're supposed to wear that on your face, Guy. Pervert. I know what you did? All right. Up next, Tom Brady is not calling it quits, because retirement was the pits.


GUTFELD: We're short on time, so here's the story in five words: Tom Brady, not retiring. Yay. Tyrus --

TYRUS: Fabulous. I'm excited.

GUTFELD: Yes, you are. You are?

TYRUS: I am, and I get it, I thought about retiring from wrestling last year, and then around 11:00, I was like, there is nothing to do. Yes, I'm going back for a little bit.

GUTFELD: It's hard man, when you have a day and you're like you get up in the morning. Kat, you go through this every day of your life and you just have nothing to do.

TYRUS: Well, everyone else has a life.

TIMPF: I've worked for you. I'm thrilled about this though, too.


TIMPF: Because he's like one of the only football guys that I know stuff about.


TIMPF: So, it gives me more stuff to say during the football times.

GUTFELD: Yes, exactly. And you're -- it's going to be great to see him back on the football court.


PAYNE: I love when he dribbles up --

TIMPF: A touchdown is six points.


TIMPF: And you get to kick for another one or then you'd maybe do something else. Haven't figured it all out yet.

GUTFELD: Charles, I know you're not aware that him and I went to the same high school, (INAUDIBLE) High. I think he was trying to wait for me to quit and I didn't, so he had to come back.

PAYNE: Yes, yes, that's a tough one, you know, but I also -- he said he's going to quit to spend time with his wife and kids. So, I don't know they need counseling there, like you know -- for two months and he went back and getting sacked by Donald's, you know. It's like, it's like I could spend more time with you guys or I could get sacked. I'll see you later.

GUTFELD: Yes, he must hate his family.

BENSON: Wait, your theory is that this decision was made by him based on you?

GUTFELD: Yes, you know, Tom Brady is obsessed with me because we both went to (INAUDIBLE) High School. He retired thinking I was going to walk away, I never did. So, now he's coming back because I can't just be the only (INAUDIBLE) High School superstar.

TIMPF: You're going to take that test.

TYRUS: Here's the obsession, Guy. Here's an obsession just not really sure which way he's going but obsession is the appropriate --

BENSON: One Direction. That's definitely true. I mean --

GUTFELD: Favorite band.

BENSON: I'm not a huge. I'm not a huge Brady guy.


BENSON: I'm a New York sports fan, but the Giants would always beat him in the Superbowl. So, that's good. But he is hyper-ultra-competitive, and he's still performing at a very high level. And I think he's like, you know what, I called this too soon. I'm coming back. It was his biggest pump fake ever.

GUTFELD: Hmm. That's a football term.

TYRUS: Well done. Well done.

TIMPF: I don't know that one.

TYRUS: Oh, boy. Sorry, Guy.

GUTFELD: You know, kind of a weird --

TYRUS: All right.

GUTFELD: I don't know. We'll be right back.


GUTFELD: We have time for one final thought, Tyrus.

TYRUS: Hey, you know, hard work pays off. Dreams do come through. Bad times don't last, but bad guys do. Rest in peace, Scott Hall.

GUTFELD: There you go. All right. Thanks to Charles Payne, Guy Benson, Kat Timpf, Tyrus. "FOX NEWS @ NIGHT" with evil Shannon Bream is next. I'm Greg Gutfeld, I love you, America.

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