Harvey™ Introduces New, Corrosion-Proof Nylon Bol-Bolts

CLEVELAND--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Harvey™ recently introduced corrosion-proof Bol-Bolts to its line of closet bolts. The Nylon Bol-Bolts will not corrode with exposure to water or chemicals. Corrosive proof Bol-Bolts have 14 threads per inch to reduce the risk of backing out, and an increased head size so it won’t fall through. The Nylon Bol-Bolts will be available July 26, 2017 through Oatey® SCS in all Oatey DCs.

When tested against plated bolts submerged in common household cleaners, Harvey™ Nylon Bol-Bolts didn’t show any signs of corrosion, unlike its brass plated counterparts. “Typical brass plated closet bolts will corrode over time and need replaced,” said Emily Cooley, Product Manager. “The nylon material ensures Bol-Bolts won’t corrode, making the life of the product much longer than that of a plated bolt.”

Available in both 2 ½ inch and 3 ½ inch bolts, advanced features include tensile strength of 1,200 pounds per bolt and a universal application designed to fit into any flange and spacer. Bol-Bolts have a thinner base to allow them to slide into the bolt slots when the flange is flush to the floor. Additionally, Bol-Bolts are compatible for use with bolt caps and because of their composition, no more worrying about damage due to overtightening.

Bol-Bolts are the smart choice for plumbers who want the job done right. With an increased head size to ensure the bolts won’t fall through and a thinner base to slide them into the bolt slots, install will be quicker and easier.

Harvey™ Introduces New, Corrosion-Proof Nylon Bol-Bolts

For more information or where to purchase Harvey™ Bol-Bolts, contact your local wholesaler, Oatey Rep, or visit Oatey.com for more information.


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