Huge 8ft-long python pulled out of toilet after striking man’s bum

A massive deadly python had to be dragged from a toilet after it climbed through the system and bit a man's backside.

It was the second similar worrying attack reported in south east Asia inside a few days.

The emergency services were called after unsuspecting Somchai, 45, felt something bite him – and soon saw the head of the snake peering out of the bowl.

It happened in Samut Prakan province, central Thailand, before the 8ft long reptile attempted to escape.

But fearing a future repeat attack, the man tried to catch the snake before quickly calling for back-up.

He said: "I sat down then felt something push against my bottom.

Huge 8ft-long python pulled out of toilet after striking man’s bum

"That’s when I looked down and saw the snake."

Video footage shows volunteer Kaitisak Meesaeng creeping towards the snake, which had its head poking over the rim.

The rescue team observed the snake’s behaviour and 'stared at it for a few minutes' before the reptile raised its head out of the toilet seat.

"This could have been much worse as pythons are aggressive and will bite people," Meesaeng said. "It has happened before. We also had to be careful not to lose the snake as the resident did not want it living in his pipework."

But there was an even bigger one on the loose in Malaysia.

Just two days after, emergency services captured a 10-foot long python from a toilet bowl in Iskandar Puteri, in the Malaysian state of Johor.

Seven firefighters were sent to the scene and successfully captured the large reptile before releasing it in the wild.

Fire chief Khairi Zainudin said: “The python was successfully caught using a snake pole and has since been released far from the housing area.

“Snakes usually come out during this hot season to search for cool and wet spots.”