HVP Magazine - Coolag launches adaptable wall-hung cistern frame

At just 96mm thick, the cistern comes already mounted into its adjustable frame for a truly space-saving solution, ideal for small washrooms and bathrooms, or where the interior designer or installer is seeking that sleek, minimalist appearance.

The telescopic frame legs can be adjusted in length from 0 to 115mm, before being locked by four bolts and concealed within the wall: which can be of timber, masonry or metal frame construction.

HVP Magazine - Coolag launches adaptable wall-hung cistern frame

The flush pipe and soil connection remain fixed in relation to the mounting points for the WC bowl, with the whole installation being completed by tiling or other finishes: concealing the plumbing and leaving the floor below clear.

Coolag has considered other aspects in designing its new wall-mounting frame: for example, the cistern is acoustically insulated to reduce noise when flushed. From an environmental perspective, the smaller of the two flushing controls greatly reduces water consumption compared to conventional toilets.

On a practical level, the hidden workings ensure easy cleaning round the toilet area – making it suitable for schools, hospitals, hotels, and other applications where hygiene is paramount.

Overall the adjustability of the bowl height makes the Coolag unit, which comes with a five-year guarantee, suitable for adaptive installations suitable for the very young or the elderly and the less able.