I’m a cleaning expert & you need to be vacuuming your loo & there’s an easy way to banish bathroom mould in seconds

A CLEANING whizz has shared how to tackle the three problem areas in your bathroom with minimal effort.

Jen, from Scotland often shares her savvy cleaning tricks on her TikTok account, cleanwithjen.

The mum of two revealed the three common areas that have to be tackled in the bathroom, and she starts with the annoying chore of dusting.

She said: "Dust is everywhere in your bathroom and it can make cleaning up so much more difficult."

Jen said the best way to tackle dust in the bathroom, which never seems to go away with a wipe, was to vacuum it first.

"Yep, that's right, you're going to have to hoover your toilet." She added.

Always make sure the surfaces are dry so you don't damage your appliance.

The next problem area is mould, which can hardly be avoided in a bathroom as it's often filled with moisture.

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But for a super simple way to stay on top of it and remove it in seconds, Jen has a hack.

I’m a cleaning expert & you need to be vacuuming your loo & there’s an easy way to banish bathroom mould in seconds

She said: "It's so easy to get rid of, you just need a good mould and mildew spray.

"Just spray it on and leave it for five minutes before rinsing it, all the mould will be gone."

Finally, if you are fed up of seeing limescale build up on your shower doors all the time then this hack Jen shared is for you.

And we love it as again it requires no scrubbing.

Jen recommends getting an old spray bottle and filling it with a tablespoon of vinegar and a tablespoon of dish soap and filling the rest up with water.

Leave it on for five minutes and wipe it off with a window squeegee to remove limescale build up and soap scum with minimal effort.

Viewers loved Jen's three easy hacks, one wrote: "Why did I not think to hoover my bathroom?"

"Wow thank you!" Exclaimed another viewer.

A third person wrote: "Okay, I'm not crazy! My partner saw me vacuuming the toilet once and was like "what on earth are you doing?"

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