Products Rocking Plastic-free Packaging

Eye shadow. Shampoo. Laundry detergent. Plenty of popular items people use every day routinely reside in plastic packaging. Yet we produce about 300 million tons of plastic waste annually and 91% of all plastic ever made is still unrecycled. If you’re eager to pitch in and reduce plastic pollution, swap some of your traditional purchases for products with plastic-free packaging.

Instead of squeezing out dollops of your favorite liquid detergent, suds your sponge with a dish-washing soap that’s solid. No bottle required. Same for shampoo — solid, sans plastic.

On laundry days, perhaps you’ll forego pourable detergent that you’ve used for years. Instead, drop a dissolvable sheet of laundry soap into your washer. No hefty jugs needed.

A variety of independent entrepreneurs and some established brands proudly provide products with low-waste and no-waste exteriors. Plenty of that packaging, and often shipping packaging as well, is 100% plastic-free.

Products Rocking Plastic-free Packaging

Among them is Ethique in New Zealand. Ethique products include deodorants and shampoos in solid form, with no plastic packaging. “Our packaging, shipping boxes and padding are free from laminates and plastic (including our packing tape), which means they can go straight into the home compost and will disappear in a matter of months,” states Ethique’s website.

If you’re picky about packaging, you rock. Virtual high five! Your overstuffed recycling pile — and your planet — appreciate it.

Enjoy these examples of responsibly packaged products. Happy shopping.

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Beauty Products

Solid Dish Soaps

Lather up by rubbing your sponge or dish brush on your block of dish detergent.


Shampoo in Solid Form


Plastic-free Laundry Detergent in Sheets or Strips

In addition to avoiding plastic, liquidless laundry soap is touted as travel-friendly, space-saving, and fuel-efficient. No spills or mess and the packaging is recyclable or compostable.

Diaper Rash Balm

Ethique Baby Bott Balm is a solid square. Product information offers directions: “Massage the bar between your dry, clean hands until you have a little of the balm on your hands. Apply a thin layer all over your baby’s bottom (anywhere else prone to soreness).”