Should you buy a smart toilet?

You don’t have to be flush to enjoy a washed and blow-dried bottom, says Jayne Dowle

Jayne DowleThe Sunday Times

During the pandemic obsession with home renovation, bathrooms topped the list of rooms to renovate, according to a survey from Houzz, a home design platform. And the biggest bathroom brag of the year was the “smart loo”.

Perhaps triggered by our obsession with germs, and last year’s shortage of loo roll, sales of high-tech lavatories have almost doubled in the past year according to The Big Bathroom Shop. They came to the fore in Japan a decade or more ago, but the trend has now reached a tipping point in the UK, according to Tom Reynolds, chief executive of the Bathroom Manufacturers Association, as Brits embrace smart technology in every room of the house, not to mention the trend to bring spa features into the


Should you buy a smart toilet?