Someone Found This Huge Hiss Puppy While On The Loo, Which Is The Best Place To Shit Yourself

In today’s nightmare fuel, a massive snake was discovered wrapped around the base of a toilet in Queensland. While someone was literally sitting on it. No thanks, goodbye, logging off immediately.

The ssssssneaky little nope rope was apparently discovered hiding in the toilet of someone’s workplace after giving an angry little hiss — which is completely fair considering I too would be a little offended if someone stripped and plonked down onto the loo right in front of me.

The unfortunate staff member, who was situated on the toilet when they were conveniently presented with this opportunity to shit themselves, called Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers to retrieve the danger noodle.

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The snake turned out to be five feet (1.52 metres) long. Which is nearly as big as me. So, now I’m disturbed. Oh, and it was an eastern brown snake, which are extremely venomous. Great!

Someone Found This Huge Hiss Puppy While On The Loo, Which Is The Best Place To Shit Yourself

In a post on Facebook, Sunshine Coast Snake Catcher Stuart McKenzie recounted how the snake was found, before clarifying that it has since been relocated. Great news for our little hissy boi, and great news for the poor worker that came across it.

McKenzie told NCA NewsWire that actually, it’s really not common to find snakes in toilets. So don’t panic!

“I’d say the brown snake in this situation just found a good spot hiding behind the toilet and felt sheltered and safe behind there,” he said, per

“[The worker] heard a hissing sound when he sat down and probably got the surprise of his life when he turned around and saw that brown snake.

“If it was me in that situation I’d jump as well.”

Jump is an understatement, I would be outta there so fast it would beat Olympic records.