The Best Toilet Brushes

Buying Guide for the Best Toilet Brushes

Why buy a toilet brush?

If you want to take care of your toilet, maintain a hygienic bathroom, and keep your bathroom smelling and looking clean, you’ll need a toilet brush—and not just a toilet brush, but a good one that will get the job done well.

What should you look for in a toilet brush?

What should you avoid when shopping for a toilet brush?

It makes sense to avoid toilet brushes that are too large to fit closely next to or hidden behind the toilet. If a toilet brush base looks less sturdy than ideal, move on. Few things are worse than setting the brush back into the base after use only to have it tip over and spill water onto the bathroom floor. Also, trust your knowledge. Chances are you’ve owned a toilet brush or at least used one. Remember which qualities did not serve you well as you peruse your options.

Our Picks for the Best Toilet Brushes

Top Choice

BOOMJOY Toilet Brush and Holder Set

A durable toilet brush and holder set that comes with built-in tweezers for removing hair.


$9.99$14.99 Save 33%

Pros: The BOOMJOY toilet brush has an unassuming appearance and will blend into the background of most bathrooms, regardless of the decor. Most importantly, it works. Made of sturdy stainless steel, the brush pole withstands the pressure you need to apply to really scrub and remove stains. Also durable and sturdy, the thermoplastic rubber bristles assist in a thorough clean and won’t scratch the bowl. The brush head dries quickly after each scrub and is shaped to reach all corners of the toilet bowl. When you’re done, set the brush in the sturdy polypropene (PP) base, not worrying about spills. The toilet brush comes with a pair of tweezers built into the handle, so you can remove hair or other debris the scrubber picks up.

Cons: You may be disappointed with the silicone rubber bristles, as they’re not as stiff as other toilet brushes.

Bottom Line: This simple, smartly designed toilet brush won’t fall over or wear out easily. It’s a reliable, essential tool for the bathroom!

Most Versatile

Sellemer Silicone Toilet Brush and Holder Set

Use this versatile toilet brush for cleaning sinks and bathtubs as well as the toilet. It comes with a ventilated base for quick drying.


The Best Toilet Brushes

$12.99$15.99 Save 19%

Pros: The most attractive feature of this toilet brush and holder set is its multifunctionality. It’s not just for toilet bowls; it can be used to clean sinks and bathtubs, too. Its flat brush head is ingenious, too. As you stand over the toilet to scrub the bowl, you can bend the brush head upward to get the rim. The silicone bristles are relatively short, with enough space between them to not gather hair. Also, the handle is made of waterproof polypropene (PP) material. Dirty water can’t enter the handle because the brush head and handle connect without gaps. The innovative base features ventilation slots, so you won’t end up with a pool of dirty water on the floor.

Cons: While there are advantages to having silicone rubber bristles, several users report that the bristles aren’t tough enough to be as effective as stiffer ones.

Bottom Line: If you’re sick and tired of an ineffective toilet brush and a leaky base, you may want to check out this version. The flat scrub head and ventilated base are super convenient features.

Most Ergonomic

Marbrasse Compact Bathroom Toilet Bowl Brush with Holder

This brilliantly designed brush is tough on toilet bowl grime and teams up with the holder as a compact set.



Pros: This toilet brush features a wide and curved design to effortlessly reach under the rim. Made from ABS plastic and polypropene, the bristles are tough on dirt and flexible enough not to damage the inside of the bowl. With the equally durable, nonslip, and stiff handle, this tough brush means business; you don’t even need to use a ton of pressure to remove the worst messes. The brush is nontoxic and biodegradable, yet it won’t die on you. Fortunately, this toilet bowl brush and holder fit behind the toilet tucked away. Still, it won’t sit there and fester. One side of the holder is open, allowing airflow, and the brush is placed in a hanging position to dry faster.

Cons: The holder isn’t as attractive as others. It’s not the sturdiest brush out there.

Bottom Line: This compact, thoughtfully designed toilet brush does the job and more. Unlike other plastic products, the handle, brush, and bristles will biodegrade after you’re done using it through many cleaning days.

Best with Plunger

Modern and Sleek Deluxe Freestanding Toilet Brush and Plunger Combo

Avoid the frustration that comes when you need toilet brush and plunger ASAP with this combo set.



Pros: You’re not alone if you thought you’d never see a toilet brush set that looks nice. We were surprised, too. The ToiletTree toilet brush, plunger, and secure stand are shiny with a matte stainless-steel finish. And finally, it’s a toilet brush set that comes with a plunger! It just makes sense to have both at the ready and right beside each other for easy access when you need them most. The black rubber plunger offers great suction power to eliminate clogs with a few pumps. Its strong handle gives a firm grip for ideal control over the process. Also, the quality toilet brush with black bristles works like a champ to remove leftover residue after plunging. Both plunger and brush sit firmly in the well-built canister, which is open at the back to hide and air out the toilet cleaning tools.

Cons: Several users report that while the stand looks and functions well, the tools themselves aren’t the best.

Bottom Line: This freestanding toilet brush and plunger combo looks professional and modern. It’s an excellent replacement for your current toilet cleaning tools at home or the office.

Most Compact Design

Toilet Brush and Bamboo Holder with Stainless Steel Handle and Lid

A natural, eco-friendly toilet brush and holder that is as effective as it is attractive.



Pros: Bamboo has become one of the more popular materials used in manufacturing household products for many reasons. It’s resistant to the harmful effects of moisture, it’s impressively strong and long-lasting, it’s a sustainable raw material, and it’s attractive. The square bamboo canister completely conceals this toilet brush. To finish it off, the brush’s stainless-steel handle features a fixed square stainless steel cover. So, when you’re done using the brush and set it back in the bamboo canister, the lid completely covers the top. There’s a white plastic holder inside the canister to contain moisture. The brush’s bristles are made of tough nylon to get your toilet bowl clean and shiny.

Cons: You may find that as you brush the toilet bowl, the stainless steel square lid gets in the way and may even scratch the toilet seat.

Bottom Line: With a natural, contemporary look and unique design, this bamboo toilet brush cleaner may be ideal for your home. It’s a compact unit you can easily hide in your bathroom.

Final Thoughts

Though they’re a common and essential bathroom cleaning tool, a quality toilet brush can be hard to find. Now that you have a better idea of what to look for and some quality options to check out, you can get the right toilet brush for you.