This gizmo tracks your TP usage and automatically orders more when you get low

Smart home appliances have a tendency to border on solutions-for-nonexistent-problems territory, and no place is that more apparent than the CES show floor. This year is no different. Case in point: A smart toilet paper holder from a company called Homeplenish that keeps a tab on your usage and thenautomatically orders more from your Amazon account when you’re about to run out.

Homeplenish says its device will prevent people from hoarding rolls as its algorithm can automatically predict when you’ll need more and order it on your behalf beforehand, unlike some alternatives that tend to buy replacements on a set schedule. Since the smart holder integrates with Amazon’s “Smart Reorder” platform, it also takes into account delivery times and calculates the ideal reorder time frame to ensure “there is never too much or too little towel and tissue on hand.”

This gizmo tracks your TP usage and automatically orders more when you get low

“The convenience is lost if you’re storing more product than you can use or running out too soon,” Homeplenish’s direction of innovation, Kristen Wood, said. “Homeplenish solves this problem by removing the guesswork on when you’ll need more.”

Homeplenish offers its tech in two forms: A smart tower holder for your kitchen and a Tissue Spindle for your bathroom. They look like any other traditional holder, but are equipped with a series of sensors to track your usage. You don’t have to completely rely on Homeplenish’s estimates either. With the companion app, you do have the option to manage your household’s towel and tissue supply and tweak the order cycles to your preferences.

Homeplenish’s product does eliminate one little chore out of your life, but is that something you want to automate? Not only is it collecting sensitive data on your bathroom visits, but also has access to your Amazon account, which as we’ve seen in the past, can backfire and lead to some bizarre purchases. But if you often find yourself out of toilet paper and rushing to the supermarket for emergency supplies, it could be well worth a shot.

The Homeplenish Towel Holder is priced at $35, while the Tissue Spindle two-pack retails at $25. Both are now available to purchase on Amazon.

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