Woman gets ‘carried away’ with Frenchic paint and turns her entire drab bathroom blue - even the bath, toilet and sink

A woman has painted her whole bathroom using Frenchic paint in an incredible DIY makeover.

Rochele Mason, 28, from Barnsley, painted the tiles from pink to blue in her bathroom before getting carried away and transforming the bath, sink and toilet.

Despite the paint not being recommended for areas of standing water - Rochele, who works as a Mortgage Broker, said they have had no problems and are impressed with the results.

She posted her before and after photos on a DIY group on Facebook and users couldn’t believe that she painted her bathtub and it actually worked.

Rochele said: "We had always hated our bathroom and decided we had nothing to lose!

"We were sick of our bathroom but with lockdown and myself being made redundant we couldn't justify spending money on replacing it yet.

"My mum had recommended the Frenchic fan page on Facebook so I joined and was instantly hooked.

Rochele purchased Dazzle Me, Duckling and Ol Blue shades from the Frenchic Alfresco range - spending around £40.

She started painting the tiles and stuck to her original plan but got carried away - before she knew it, she had painted the whole bathroom.

Rochele and her partner Craig Brookes, 28, spent 3 days painting their bathroom before deciding to overhaul the whole room and add some budget accessories too.

They spent a full week giving the bathroom a total makeover - ditching the pink shade for a stylish blue.

She said: ‘I got carried away and did everything. I have since painted my front door, a radiator and a blanket box and have more to paint!

‘They don't recommend painting areas of standing water but it has worked really well for us.

Woman gets ‘carried away’ with Frenchic paint and turns her entire drab bathroom blue - even the bath, toilet and sink

2I just used a frenchic brush and got the paint from a local stockist. It was painted at the end of April and it is still as good as the day it was done.2

Rochele said her partner got the house in 2018 and always hated the bathroom.

She 'didn’t mind’ the pink but always had plans to give it a makeover - she feels they now have a relaxing bathroom that they can both enjoy.

The couple also used B&Q stick-on tiles and cheap bathroom furniture from B&M - including a £9 mirror (which she also painted) and an under the sink unit.

They also changed the taps to add a shower mixer and purchased a new blind.

She said:"‘The hardest part was getting the floor panels cut correctly. As for the painting it was super easy! Especially as we pretty much painted everything!

"I wasn't sure if it would work especially as it isn’t recommended for water but we hated it as it was so we decided to go for it as we had nothing to lose.

"Now I love the result and people just can't believe you can paint a bath and to be honest neither could I!"

Facebook users commented in awe at Rochele’s incredible transformation pictures on social media.

One wrote: "Impressive."

While another shared: "OMG that's ace. Well donee!"

A third added: "Frenchic is the best paint ever u can paint anything I love it lol."

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