Aiper Smart Debuts the AIPURY1500 Pool Cleaner, Its Newest Wireless Intelligent Pool-Cleaning Robot

The AIPURY1500 does not require installation. The user simply presses a switch, drops the robot into the pool and leaves its smart systems to do all the hard work. The robot's excellent climbing abilities enable it to execute a thorough cleaning job all around the pool. Anti-rollover technology prevents the cleaner from falling and turning upside down on the bottom of the pool. Cordless, the robot presents no risk of the all-too-common cable twist.

The robot is further distinguished by its three-axis motor and15° flexible steering, which leaves no dead angles. The device is able to handle larger swimming pools, with maximum cleaning coverage of 120㎡ (1291 sq/ft). When the AIPURY1500 has a low battery, it automatically docks at its recharging station. The AIPURY1500 comes with the best gyroscope technology, accelerometer and triple motor mechanisms.

 Aiper Smart Debuts the AIPURY1500 Pool Cleaner, Its Newest Wireless Intelligent Pool-Cleaning Robot

Advanced systems and intelligent cleaning methods enable the AIPURY1500 to render a pool pollutant-free. Large top load filter cartridges offer superior filtering abilities. The device is able to trap and lock in all stubborn dirt and debris for optimal cleaning.

The brand founder-Richard added, "It really frees your hands. There is no need to look after it all. This is what we mean by 'Cleaning Made Clever.' We have devices designed to take care of an entire home, yard, pool and everything in between. Our goal is for Aiper Smart's customers to finally break free from the burden of heavy housework and property maintenance and instead turn free time into pure fun and total hassle-free living."

Aiper Smart is recognized on the market as a leader and experienced global provider of smart cleaning devices for homes, yards and swimming pools. They have been designing and delivering its trendsetting cleaning solutions since 2017 and is dedicated to excellence. The company's cleaning solutions are designed and produced by optimizing processes, resources, space and time to deliver maximum quality and efficiency to every home, at the service of anyone who needs it.

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