Aiper Smart Releases AIPURY600 Cordless Pool-Cleaner, Offering New Cordless Robot Technology Innovations

The AIPURY600 Cordless Pool Cleaner offers first class features such as agile and rapid cleaning and recharging. The wireless robot moves at an approximate speed of sixteen meters per minute. A great new feature highlights its time saving properties. The cordless robotic pool cleaner charges in much less time than other companies' devices, as it takes only three to four hours for a full charge versus seven to eight. The pool cleaner operates with a built-in 2600mAh lithium battery that runs for up to 50 minutes before needing to be recharged.

Powerful cleaning and superior filtration have made AIRPURY600 the "go-to" robot cleaner on the market today. It houses two powerful and efficient motors that maintain a deep clean, targeting dirt with a smart system and ensuring a safe and clean pool. At the same time, the automatic vacuum improves water circulation and acts as a tangible second filter. There are two suction doors which suck in rough debris and capture dust particles. The wireless robot protects the pool's water quality, and its filter tray cleans the water down to two microns for a sparkling clean pool.

This pool cleaner is easy to manage, and homeowners find it easy to clean. It is the lightest model available amongst its competitors. The AIRPURY600 comes with a retrieving hook to pull out the cordless cleaner when it has completed its work cycle. The filter is big enough and easy to maintain as it pops out from the housing. Users find this to be a real time saver.

 Aiper Smart Releases AIPURY600 Cordless Pool-Cleaner, Offering New Cordless Robot Technology Innovations

Aiper Smart is the global leader and provider of smart cleaning devices for Swimming pools, yards and homes. It has the most innovative products on the market, offering consumers cutting-edge, trendsetting cleaning solutions since 2017. Aiper Smart is dedicated to excellence. Its cleaning solutions are designed and produced to deliver maximum quality and efficiency for every home and accommodation.

The wireless pool robot is backed by a two-year quality guarantee.

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