Aldi is bringing back its robot vacuum

Aldi is selling this all-in-one mop and vacuum for $399 (down from $999). That’s more than 50 per cent off!

While it’s a bit more high-tech than your regular vacuum, with mapping technology and app control, once you’ve mastered it you can kick back with a glass of wine, and work it from your phone.

The vacuum scans the home creating a visual map in the app, so that you choose which rooms get cleaned. The machine also has an Obstacle Detection function so that it’s not constantly bumping into your pristine walls.


The robot can sense whether it's on hard floors or carpet and change suction levels accordingly, all while taking instructions through Google Home or Amazon Alexa. Is this the future or what?

Aldi is bringing back its robot vacuum

If you’re looking to upgrade your home cleaning or have been dreaming of the day a robot can do it all for you, this could be your moment.

Get your hands on the vacuum at Aldi online or in stores.

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