Best Cordless Vacuums in Canada for 2022 Don't miss anything!

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Over 50 million vacuum cleaners are sold only in North America yearly which points to quite a lively market. Cord-operated vacuum cleaners, however, are a thing of the past now, and it’s all due to the latest vacuum sensation – cordlessness.Whereas the first vacuum cleaners were hefty to use, cordless vacuum cleaners almost call you into hassle-free action. Cutting the traditional cord off vacuum cleaners globally gave the product a whole revamp – and the popularity just kept building on since.Today, the cordless vacuum options come not just cordless but with improved battery life and engine power, too. Lightweight and simple to use, cordless vacuum cleaners implement the latest technologies to move along with the times.

Still, a market rich in options might make finding the perfect cordless vacuum match for you, challenging. How do you pick a cordless vacuum cleaner that meets your goals?

You look into the set of factors that set a quality vacuum cleaner apart from the rest. Budget, pets in your home, easiness of use, easy storage, and more criteria matter before you decide on your dream cordless vacuum cleaner.To shed some light on what’s trending and help you pick wisely, here is a rundown of the best cordless vacuum cleaners in Canada for 2022.

Best for Tile Floors and Low Pile Carpets: Shark IZ140C Rocket Cordless Vacuum

Product Specifications:

The Shark Rocket Cordless Vacuum falls among the simplest lightweight machines to get handsy with. Users are especially going crazy for the low profile, swivel steering, and self-cleaning brush roll the vacuum comes with.Shark IZ140C Rocket Cordless Vacuum is a 2-in-1 vacuum and you can use it as both a handheld vacuum and a stick vacuum. Shark Rocket cordless vacuum is the best in Canada for debris pickup off tile floors and low pile carpets. Its run time is not as stellar, and users note the vacuum is a bit on the heavy side.

The Shark Rocket cordless vacuum boasts high scoring ratings with owners finding it super-manageable, steerable, and compact. Plus, its modern self-cleaning brush roll allows for meticulous carpet and floor vacuuming, with no hair tangles along the way.

For those who live in a smaller house or an apartment, the Shark Rocket Vacuum is a true favorite. Versatile, powerful, and practical, this is one of the handiest vacuums to have on the go. It is more expensive than some similar models, but it deserves every penny!


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Best for Large Homes: NEQUARE Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Product Specifications:

The Nequare Cordless Vacuum Cleaner uses Root Cyclone Technology which makes it the best option for larger homes in Canada. It is a next-level vacuum cleaner and can meet all your cleaning demands within a minute. The vacuum collects dust and debris, crumbs, and even pet and human hair. It works great against all surfaces – beds, sofas, carpets, hard floors, desks, curtains – as well as stairs and windowsills.

But, the 60% improvement in the vacuum’s filtering effect is what makes it triumph over other simpler products. The Nequare cordless vacuum uses its multi-cone cyclones to separate the air and dust more efficiently. This way, it centrifuges via multiple filter holes and makes for a spotless clean-up session. At the same time, this feature also allows you to steer clear of secondary pollution.

No need to drill the bracket on the wall or lean the Nequare against a wall. It is a self-standing product, whereas its accessories also offer a storage holder that can be fixed against the tube. Talk about saving space and enjoying maximum practicality.

The Nequare cordless vacuum offers up to 40 minutes of battery life. It has modern battery-saving technology, ensuring that the suction of the Nequare vacuum cleaner is always running on either high power or low power mode.By purchasing a spare battery, you can double the original battery life, and earn around 80 minutes of run time. To wrap up your vacuuming session, gently remove the vacuum’s dust cup by pressing the designated button. This removes all dirt on the spot.

Together with its LED motorized brush, this vacuum cleaner comes with 3 other attachments – a dusting brush, a crevice nozzle, and a tube. Remove the stick to turn it into a handheld device and easily reach the ceiling and top shelves.To store the vacuum, just have it stand wherever it doesn’t occupy any space.The Nequare is cheaper than most other cordless vacuum cleaners on the market, yet, it doesn’t take away the quality of experience.


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Best for Beginners: Iwoly C150 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Product Specifications:

The Iwoly C150 cordless vacuum cleaner offers a revolutionary whole-machine filtration that successfully spins the dust away, thanks to its 150W high-powered motor, which produces up to 18000 Pa strong suction. Armed with a sturdy motorized led floor head, Iwoly is the best option for cleaning up crumbs, combing hairs off the floor or furniture, and having your space ready before your guests ring your doorbell.

The lithium-Ion battery of the Iwoly vacuum cleaner offers a fabulous running time of up to 35 minutes in eco mode, 25 minutes in normal mode, and 20 minutes in high mode. Two buttons on the vacuum let you start and switch Iwoly’s operating modes, depending on the cleaning location.

You will love the 150W main vacuum cleaner body, too. It comes with LED indicators that indicate the charging status, suction modes, and remaining battery power.

Iwoly is a multi-purpose vacuum that can be used as a cordless stick vacuum as well as a cordless handheld vacuum. The vacuum makes reaching under the furniture or up to the curtains and ceiling a breeze. You can fully detach the power unit and use the appliance as a handheld vacuum. This is handy when cleaning the stairs, car seats, room corners, furniture, and other above-the-floor vacuuming areas.

Equipped with a modern 4-stage sealed cyclone filtration technology, the vacuum collects microscopic dust, courtesy of its HEPA filter. The vacuum can also collect fine dust, sawdust, dirt debris, chips, ashes, and powder in its dust cup. Remember that regular cleaning of the vacuum is due, especially its HEPA filters which help prevent blockage and poor suction power.

The battery comes with this cordless vacuum cleaner and lasts for up to 35 minutes. You can charge its removable battery in or out of the vacuum cleaner as well. It takes 4 hours for the battery to fully charge. The vacuum’s charging station can be a fitting place to also store your appliance, whereas its cost won’t hit your budget too hard.


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Best for Pet Owners: Tineco A11 Hero+ Cordless Vacuum

Product Specifications:

The Tineco A11 Cordless Stick Vacuum snatches unwanted hair and dirt like a pro!It is the best option for removing human and pet hair from both carpets and hard floors. It boasts a fashionable design and is both small and practical for all-around use. The Tineco model comes with light and compact equipment and makes cleaning every area of your home effortless. Plus, the vacuum is known for its adaptability, and users can easily replace its nozzles when needed.

The cordless vacuum cleaner offers deep vacuuming powers with immense capacity. It is designed to clean all surfaces, even those pegged as difficult to clean, like leather and woven fabrics.The vacuum is potent enough to suck up both invisible dust and larger debris and has a runtime of 40 minutes, which makes for a satisfying cleaning session.

Not only will the Tineco make your home spotless with its LED Soft-Roller Power Brush, but it will also protect your floor against scratches when tidying up. Its built-in LED light also allows users to see clearly when cleaning, whereas the vacuum’s 2-in-1 dusting brushes, mini power brushes, power brushes, and crevice tools, offer a full set of assets.You can switch the Tineco vacuum cleaner to a handheld unit if the surface you are cleaning requires a different approach. With a 4-stage hypoallergenic filtering system, the Tinceo bounds to remove up to 90% of pollen and dust from your space. In terms of price, the Tineco cordless vacuum leans on the pricier side, yet makes a lasting investment for long-term users.


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Best Cordless Vacuums in Canada for 2022 Don't miss anything!

Best for sensitive fabrics and bare floors: Black + Decker BSV2020PC

Product Specifications:

The Black Decker BSV2020PC Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is a multifunction vacuum genius. It efficiently cleans any space from dirt, human and pet hair, and debris.Effortless to use, you can quickly convert the Black Decker from a stick to a handheld vacuum. You can use it in combination with its cleaning head and tools when going over the ceiling or floor surfaces.

As a compact and moderately lightweight cordless vacuum cleaner, the Black Decker offers many benefits. It features great controls above the handle, so users can maneuver the unit easily. At the same time, its main controls include Speed Control Button, Power On/Off Button, and Brushroll On/Off Button.

The maximum runtime of the Black Decker is up to 55 minutes – only when set at the lowest suction power, and when you use a non-motorized cleaning tool. By setting the vacuum to its highest suction power, but only using the main brush roll cleaner head and LED headlights, the vacuum’s runtime will be reduced to 30 minutes.

The Black Decker is a simple cordless vacuum that is simple to maintain. Its powerful main cleaner head is superb for vacuuming different types of surfaces, including deeply embedded human and pet hair, fibers, lint, and carpet dust and debris.Regarding the vacuum’s brush roll bristles, it’s best to always turn them off when vacuuming sensitive fabrics and bare floors and avoid possible damage. The strong LED headlights of the Black Decker will help you vacuum in low-light conditions, whereas its low-profile option lets you clean under most sofas and beds.

The Black Decker BSV2020P has a nifty full-swivel neck which ensures simple maneuverability for its users. With it, you can clean across various surfaces, like furniture, stairs, and walls. The vacuum’s brush roll also has an anti-tangle design and that makes for swifter home maintenance.To make the feature fancier, the brush roll also glows and allows users to see the amount of entangled hair inside.

The Black Decker is a self-standing unit, so you can store it vertically and in any fitting corner. If you have pets or kids, keep the vacuum off their reach since they might tip it over. Price-wise, the Black Decker is on the more affordable side, which makes it a suitable pick for limited-budget users.


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Best for Cleaning Corners: Hoover BH50020 Lithium Cordless Stick Vacuum

Product Specifications:

Another top vacuum cleaner to keep your eyes on is the Hoover BH50020 Lithium Cordless Stick Vacuum. It falls also among the most cost-effective vacuum cleaners currently available in Canada.Forget about old-fashioned cleaners – the revolutionary Hoover cordless vacuum comes with a Powered Brush roll and uses modern Wind Tunnel Technology to clean just about everything – from soft carpets to hard floors.

Its compact grip will perfectly fit in your hand palm and let you easily control the Hoover’s start buttons. Thanks to its Wide Cleaner Mouth, the vacuum allows users to efficiently remove all dirt hiding in the corners.

The Hoover BH50020 also comes armed with a fuel gauge that will tell you how much battery life is left. It uses a LINX Cordless Lithium-Ion Battery System, and what’s best, you can entirely disassemble the battery and charge it anywhere you want.The Bottom Release Dirt Cup is very handy and makes cleaning super simple by allowing you to pour all the dirt out of it easily. It seems like nothing can stop this vacuum from doing a stellar job, not even its limited battery life.The Hoover can clean for about 20 minutes after each charging, but this time frame can be just enough to clean all dirt off any surface, courtesy of its powerful performance. What’s best, the product comes with a pretty competitive price, which truly sets it apart from the rest.


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Best for Medium-size Homes: BISSELL 3070B Power Glide

Product Specifications:

The revolutionary Bissell 3070B Stick Vacuum is born to be the number 1 choice for medium size apartments and homes.It is a modern 2-in-1 convertible corded vacuum cleaner that can find its place as an additional vacuum cleaner for large-size homes, too. The Bissell 3070B Power Glide can be used as either a lightweight stick vacuum or as a handheld unit, depending on your cleaning area.

The vacuum comes with a power cord, which doesn’t take away from the vacuum’s practicality. The power cord is an impressive 30 feet long, ensuring lengthy cleaning, especially when combined with the sophisticated cleaning wand, apt for walls, floors, ceilings, and everything in between.Thanks to its unique construction, the handy Bissell 3070B doesn’t have an automatic power cord wind back system. So, you will need to manually place the power cord around its designated cord wrap hooks, located on the side of the vacuum.

The Bissell 3070B main cleaner head has a tangle-free brush roll that makes its maintenance simpler. At the same time, it saves you time and effort when cleaning.Use the holder controls to turn off the brush, and clean delicate surfaces like wooden floors and parquets. Thanks to its innovation, the vacuum comes with rubberized wheels that won’t scratch or damage your floors.

Speaking of the vacuum’s main cleaner head, it also features a super slim profile.With it, you can clean lower surfaces, like the floor beneath the beds.Be that as it may, Bissell’s 3070B’s main cleaner head isn’t equipped with LED headlights, so you won’t be able to spot dirt in the dark. On the other hand, what makes the Bissell 3070B Power Glide an easily controllable cord vacuum cleaner is its main cleaner head which comes with a swivel neck.

Users can easily detach the cleaning wand from the vacuum and convert it into a handheld unit within seconds. The dirt cup is see-through and offers a high capacity of about 17 oz. The dirt cup can consequently be emptied directly into the wastebasket, without having to deal with inside dirt.

When cleaning, note that long hair can easily stick to the Bissell 3070B air filter separator, and there is no other way to clean it but manually, either with a special tool or by hand.Armed with a dusting brush and TurboEraser tool, Bissell 3070B PowerGlid is available for a relatively low price.


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Best Budget Option: BISSELL 2033J Featherweight

Product Specifications:

The Bissell Featherweight Stick 2033J is among the best cordless vacuums for efficient carpet cleaning. While it can collect stubborn pet hair, the Bissell 2033J struggles to manage big-size debris like cereal. Still, it makes a superb vacuuming machine to maintain and comes at a reasonable cost, which makes the investment worthwhile for users who like a simple and to-the-point appliance.

The Bissell vacuum boasts an all-plastic construction that can make the machine look cheaper and less functional than it is. Whilst this vacuum cleaner comes with a quite simple design, it also simplifies the process of switching its configuration from stick to handheld vacuum.It is easily portable from one room to another as it is lightweight and is simple to take care of, with only a few of its components requiring maintenance. The best thing about this vacuum is – it is virtually free of recurring costs.

To access the vacuum’s dirt cup, you will need to first pull off the vacuum body and vacuum head via the prominent release clip. You can pull the box as well, but beware not to spill any debris outside the appliance. The compartment of the vacuum can be used using warm water and mild detergent – and every once in a while.

The vacuum comes with a list of water-washable components, but all its parts have to be completely dry before they are reinstalled back in the vacuum. Interestingly, out of all our product listings, the Bissell vacuum is the most affordable.


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Types of Cordless Vacuum Cleaners in Canada

There are several types of cordless vacuum cleaners to consider in the Canadian market.Before going on the hunt for the next great cordless cleaner, make sure you know all types that can be of service in cleaning just about any surface in your home or office.

Stick Vacuum Cleaner

A typical stick vacuum cleaner is recognizable by its handle that comes attached to the lowest part of the base unit. Here are also the battery and other tools that require storage. This type of cordless vacuum cleaner usually comes with washable filters that are simple to maintain once they get dirty.The less attractive part is that stick vacuum cleaners aren’t quite lightweight and usually weigh more than 10 lbs., although some can weigh less than 8 lbs. In case you have any physical problems and cannot lift over a certain weight, consider this heavier vacuum type to be unsuitable for your needs.

Even though it is the best stick vacuum cleaner, the appliance can exhibit two potential issues for its users. The first is – it doesn’t offer a simpler way to transfer the vacuum cleaner room to room. The second is the medium-lifespan battery life of this vacuum type – around 40 minutes per session.Given that stick vacuum cleaners can be unwieldy and heavy, and unless used to them, as a beginner, you might not find these to be your utmost option.

Prices for stick vacuum cleaners range from $100 and above.

Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

As its name suggests, a handheld vacuum cleaner is a light machine that can be moved and carried wherever you need to do some cleaning. Due to its fairly small size and absence of a typical handle, handheld vacuum cleaners make cleaning easy-peasy for those looking for simplicity and effortless use.

This type of vacuum is also referred to as the “electric broom”. It has a long battery life of up to 60 minutes as well as super-sturdy suction power. Whilst some users may not find these features all that important, they are quite nifty when cleaning furniture or floors.

A handheld vacuum cleaner is perfect if you are looking for something light, fast, and simple to use in various places around your home. It is also a top pick if your home doesn’t need much vacuuming power in general. Some of the areas this vacuum type can cover also include upholstery and stairs.Their prices usually range between $50 and $100, even though you can find more sophisticated models for up to $350.

Factors to Consider When Buying The Best Cordless Vacuum in Canada

Since there are several types of cordless vacuum cleaners, you must be careful when choosing the one that would work ideally for you. To make things easier, there are a few factors you need to consider before you buy the best cordless vacuum for your needs, and here are some of them.

The Vacuum Type

You can find several types of cordless vacuums nowadays: handheld and upright units. For a single floor or small space, handheld vacuums work flawlessly as they provide compactness and easy storage alternatives.However, in case you move to a medium- or large-size house and you plan to live there for a long time, an upright vacuum cleaner might be the best option, as it offers much more power when compared to its counterpart. Moreover, upright units have upholstery attachments and tools.

Run Time

Before purchasing a new cordless vacuum, pay attention to its battery life. The battery runtime for cordless vacuums usually ranges between 15 minutes to 2 hours, but sometimes they may last even longer – if you don’t use it at its maximum power.Most of the latest cordless vacuum cleaners last for about 30 minutes.

The great good news is that the level of your vacuum cleaner battery is visible directly on the machine, meaning that you can check how much battery life has left always when you want to start using it.

Vacuum Weight

Besides the fact that cordless vacuums are typically lighter than their traditional corded rivals, there are significant differences in their model specifications, weight being among the most important ones. So, before making a final call, always check how much your preferred cordless vacuum weighs and whether you can manage it if heavier.

You don’t want to fry yourself vacuuming larger areas with a heavy contender. In case you have arthritis or other similar physical problems, your condition may worsen due to using heavy appliances, vacuums included. So, since the quality of your potential cordless vacuum cleaner isn’t directly linked to its weight, always pick the lightest version that suits your cleaning needs.

Extra Attachments

Most cordless vacuum cleaner models come don’t come with additional attachments. Still, a great deal of cordless vacuums are equipped with an extra attachment that you can use as a base or a handle, Still, additional tools are not part of these vacuums. Even so, there are also fully equipped cordless vacuums on the market which can accommodate any tool you have, but they weigh more and use larger batteries as well.

Storage Space

If your top priority in choosing a suitable cordless vacuum cleaner is portability, be sure you pick a product with a suitable storage option, such as a built-in hanger. In doing so, also consider how effortlessly your vacuum model will fit in small spaces if designated storage is not available. If you live in a smaller space, going for a tinier vacuum will be the aptest choice.

Dirt Collection Bin and Filter

Many people choose cordless vacuums with a huge capacity for collecting dirt. On one hand, this is good, because you won’t have to empty the bin as often as with smaller ones. On the flip side, using a vacuum cleaner with a largerrecycle binwill mean that you will also have to clean these cordless devices more frequently.When considering options, check the type of filter the cordless vacuums you are interested in have – and ideally, go for HEPA filter vacuums.

Cleaning Performance

The cleaning performance of the cordless vacuum you plan to buy is a crucial factor since it will determine whether your purchase is worth your money or not.Here, you need to pay special attention to 2 components: cordless vacuum battery life and suction power. Both of these control the level of vacuuming efficiency of your cordless machine and are important in enjoying a proper cleaning experience.Batteries that come with cordless vacuums usually last up to 4 years.

The Price

Cost is also among the most vital aspects to consider before purchasing a new cordless vacuum cleaner in Canada. The prices usually range between $50 and $550. In most cases, the price may be a real obstacle for some, but sometimes, the quality matches the price even if it is on the costly side.Surely, if you want to save some money and don’t care about the type of cordless vacuum machine you will find cheaper options with just as good features as expensive vacuums. You should also check the warranty the cordless vacuums have since those with a 1-year warranty and those with 5 years warranty can’t be listed for the same price.

Precautions When Using Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Safety Tips

Vacuum cleaners are pretty safe to use if you follow the instructions by the manufacturer and remember the safety tips before and during vacuuming.

Cordless Vacuums: The Verdict

All in all, choosing the best cordless vacuum cleaner in Canada for your household office, car, or else is boiled down to preference and needs. Budget, too, plays a role in choosing between two or more desired options, so always have a plan and a set investment amount in place.

Given the size of your home, your storage options, your cleaning preferences, and the additional tools you might need, any of the cordless vacuum cleaners on our list can be a suitable pick and meet your meticulous cleaning goals!

FAQs about Cordless Vacuum Cleaners in Canada

How much should I spend on a cordless vacuum?

It is up to you how much money you will spend on a cordless vacuum.Most cordless vacuum prices in Canada range from $50 to $550. Models from popular brands usually keep their vacuum price around $180.

Are cordless vacuums powerful?

The latest cordless vacuums are more advanced compared to vacuums launched a few years ago. Earlier models had batteries that could run for 20 minutes. Today’s cordless vacuum cleaners’ battery life lasts up to 1 hour. Despite this, a cordless vacuum cleaner will be lightweight and offer more suction power.

What surfaces can cordless vacuums cover?

Cordless vacuums can suck up dust and debris off carpets, floors, walls, cars, and other surfaces, including furniture. They also collect excess pet or human hair and can be used for general or designated cleaning areas.

Bag vacuum cleaners or tank vacuum cleaners?

Bagged vacuum cleaners have a larger capacity for storing dirt and dust, so you don’t have to empty the bag often. But, extra bags are expensive and can get messy.

Vacuum machines that don’t have bags collect debris and dust in a canister. This requires more frequent emptying but requires no extra bags. All in all, canister vacuums are the better choice.

How often do you need to charge the cordless vacuum batteries?

Cordless vacuums work on rechargeable batteries. The cordless vacuum cleaner battery run-time ranges between 15 minutes and an hour, whereas the average charge time is around 4 hours. Still, many cordless vacuum cleaners have fast-charging batteries, too.

To check this, see if the vacuum has a turbo button. If so, its battery can run lower but faster. The best vacuum cordless machines offer hard mode, which has a shorter run – but a greater effect. Cordless vacuum machines that use lithium batteries have an extended run time and charge faster. Some vacuums also come with 2 batteries, thus prolonging the cleaning session duration.