Buy a robot vacuum and mop for $130 with this Lefant deal on Amazon


The Lefant F1 made its appearance in our offices last year, and we had our chance to play around with the device. In general we can say that regardless of its minor caveats we were mostly satisfied by it.

Now, here at NextPit, our deal-hunting hounds have sniffed out a discount on Amazon for the affordable robot vacuum! From an original price of $299.99, the Lefant F1 has temporarily dropped to $129.99 – you save 57%!

Buy a robot vacuum and mop for 0 with this Lefant deal on Amazon

To get the total discount, all you need to do is click on the coupon discount button and place the item in your cart. The coupon will then give you an additional $50 discount during checkout! Be mindful though; this deal is of very limited time – only 14:00 hours left at the time of writing.

Lefant F1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Why buy the Lefant F1

If you own pets -like our deal-hunting hounds- or regularly wear shoes inside the house, dust, hairs and dirt needs to be cleaned often. In similar situations, a vacuum robot will empty your hands. The Lefant F1 may not be a total replacement for the traditional vacuum cleaner, but it can help you clean the floors less often.

As my colleague Stefan pointed out in his hands-on, the Lefant F1 "is definitely a fascinating vacuum robot, which convinces us especially with its large dust tank and the strong suction power." So if you are on the lookout for an introduction to the vacuum robot world, then this one might be ideal for you.

But you should also be aware of its caveats. While the Wi-Fi setup may be annoying, the biggest minus is that the F1 does not have advanced mapping features. Every time you reset it, it forgets everything and needs to start over. This also means that you can't specify areas that you do not want it to clean. For that, you will have to close a door or use the barrier that's included in the box. Also the mopping feature is very basic.

But honestly, especially at the discounted price, anything else would be too much to ask!

Are you interested in robot vacuum cleaners? Did you like this deal? Let me know in the comments!