Ebay Is Slicing up to 40% Off Samsung, Panasonic and LG Home Appliances, but Not for Long

If you’re newly renovating, in the process of moving house, or perhaps just need to replace a few of your ageing home appliances that are starting to look truly worse for wear, there’s no better time like the present to do it, thanks to a number of continuous whopping appliance deals surfacing on eBay every week.

You’ll be happy to know bywhopping deals, we actually mean it because even our favourite household appliance brands (including Panasonic, Samsung and Electrolux) have come to the party, slashing hundreds of dollars off their products.

So, without further ado, allow us to share a few of our top appliance deal picks for this week.

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The best eBay home appliance deals

Kitchen appliance deals

Breville The Bambino Plus Espresso Coffee Machine was $699, now $479 (save $220)

If you’ve been hanging out to get your hands on a coffee machine for some time now, this might be your sign to go for it. While we know the price looks daunting (even with a cool $220 off), if you think about your total spend on morning cafe coffees yearly, an investment in a good machine is well and truly worth it.

This particular Breville The Bambino Plus delivers barista-quality performance using a 54mm portafilter with 19 grams for full flavour and automatic milk texturing. It also boasts a three second heating time and precise espresso extraction, so you get your brew from bean to cup faster than ever before.

You can buy the Breville The Bambino Plus Espresso Coffee Machine ($479) from eBay here.

Panasonic 27L Convection Flatbed Microwave 1000W was $769, now $559 (save $210)

Sights set on a new microwave? Why not try your hand at getting one of Panasonic’s Convection Flatbed ones? These babies are just like a regular microwave, in the sense that they reheat leftovers and defrost your frozen meals, but what sets them apart is their unique ability to grill and bake on top of their regular microwave capacity, too. A mega all-rounder appliance deal, if you ask us.

You can buy the Panasonic 27L Convection Flatbed Microwave 1000W ($559) from eBay here.

Ebay Is Slicing up to 40% Off Samsung, Panasonic and LG Home Appliances, but Not for Long

Westinghouse 90cm Canopy Stainless Steel Rangehood was $429, now $354 (save $75)

This one’s more catered to the renovators out there, but if you’re doing up your kitchen and want to add a new rangehood to the mix, this Westinghouse Canopy option takes the cake. Fitted with a 695 cubic m/hr extraction capacity that effectively removes smoke and vapours, as well as LED lighting so you can illuminate your cooking area, it’s a kitchen investment that will last years. Oh, and it boasts dishwasher safe filters if things start to get oily and grimy after cooking.

You can buy the Westinghouse 90cm Canopy Stainless Steel Rangehood ($338) from eBay here.

Samsung 635L Side by Side Fridge was $2199, now $1750 (save $449)

Another rarity is seeing big-ticket Samsung products on sale, and today we’ve found just that. Enter: this Samsung 635L family-sized fridge that can be all yours at almost $550 off its RRP. Not only is it fitted with SpaceMax technology that enables the interior walls to be much thinner — allowing for more storage space inside without increasing the external dimensions — it also boasts an in-built water and ice dispenser. That means the days of manually refilling your ice trays and returning them to the freezer in hopes the water doesn’t spill everywhere on the way are well and truly over.

You can buy the Samsung 635L Fridge ($1750) from eBay here.

LG 637L French Door Fridge with Ice Maker & Water Dispenser was $5639, now $4155 (save $1484)

The sweet sight of $1523 off an LG Fridge makes this offer one you shouldn’t miss — especially if you’ve been on a mad hunt for a fully-decked out cooler with all the bells and whistles. To name just a few of those extra, top-tier features, let’s start with the air filtration system, which is a fan that actively forces air through the carbon deodoriser and re-circulates it back across the shelves to minimise fridge odour. The insta-view panel also allows you to see inside the quick and easy access compartment for your favourite snacks and beverages without opening the door, reducing cold air loss to help keep food fresher longer. And that’s only the beginning.

You can buy the LG 637L French Door Fridge with Ice Maker & Water Dispenser ($4155) from eBay here.

Vacuum appliance deals

Bosch Athlet Handstick Vacuum Cleaner was $429, now $336 (save $93)

With up to 2400 watts of cleaning power, this Bosch Handstick is capable of running powerfully for up to 60 minutes on a single charge, meaning you can do a comfortable circuit of your entire home without it dying halfway through. For stubborn messes, this stick vacuum also has a turbo power mode that can be activated for cleaning carpets and hardwood floors with ease. They’re likely to sell out quick, so if we were you, we’d jump on this appliance dealfast.

You can buy the Bosch Athlet Handstick Vacuum Cleaner ($336) from eBay here.

Electrolux Pure C9 Animal Bagless Vacuum Cleaner was $749, now $499 (save $250)

If you’re after something with a lil’ more suction power than a cordless handstick to get pet hair out of your carpets, then we’re happy to announce this Electrolux Animal Bagless Vacuum boasts epic suction for a total home clean. It’s also designed with extra-large wheels and precision handling for easy transportability around the house (because there’s nothing worse than your vac getting all twisted up mid-clean).

You can buy the Electrolux Bagless Vacuum Cleaner ($499) from eBay here.

Ecovacs Deebot Robotic Vacuum was $1099, now $909 (save $190)

If you want to ditch the hard yards altogether, this robot vacuum baby offers the same benefits as a regular vacuum, sweep and mop rolled into one — the best part? You don’t even have to lift a finger for your house to become spick and span.

You can buy the Ecovacs Deebot Robotic Vacuum ($909) from eBay here.

Laundry appliance deals

Carson Washing Machine 7kg Platinum Automatic Top Load was $849, now $479 (save $370)

The new Carson 7kg Washing Machine appliance deal is a smart and practical investment if you’re in the market for a new washer. Combining style, durability and function, the spacious 7kg drum provides loads of capacity for larger families. It offers 11 different program selections, including standard, quick, tub clean, cold, hot and air dry.

You can buy the Carson Washing Machine ($479) from eBay here.

Beko 7kg Heat Pump Dryer was $1199, now $909 (save $290)

A dryer is not an essential appliance deal by any means — especially when we’re lucky enough to have the blazing Aussie sun out almost every day. But, for those times when you need a quick solution to your wet work pant woes, having one can be super handy — more so when its price has been slashed by just under $300, too. Thank us later.

You can buy the Beko Heat Pump Dryer ($909) from eBay here.

Lounge appliance deals

Maxkon 1800W Electric Fireplace Heater was $239.95, now $146.95 (save $93)

Hate winter because it means your gas bills take a massive hike thanks to all your home heating use? Then perhaps it’s time to consider this Maxkon Electric Fireplace Heater that consumes over 90 per cent less energy than gas (hello savings). It also heats up in minutes and has two heat setting options to choose from, depending on the level of chill in your home.

Its black, rustic, and cosy-looking exterior makes it super aesthetic for any communal space or bedroom in your home, too — a pretty good appliance deal in our books.

You can buy the Maxkon 1800W Electric Fireplace Heater ($146.95) from eBay here.