Miele launches the third generation of Scout RX3 robovac

The floor under the dining table is to be cleaned after every meal and the living room vacuumed once a day? Or just drop in remotely to see if everything is OK at home? Neither is a problem for the new Miele Scout RX3. The new generation of robotic vacuum cleaners excels thanks to innovative functions, excellent user convenience – and a considerable improvement in suction power. The Scout RX3 is available in Romania since September.

Thanks to a completely revamped Miele Scout app, the robotic vacuum cleaner can be conveniently controlled from a smartphone, including such useful functions as time and status queries. A further highlight: Scout RX3 Home Vision HD models sport an HD camera which transmits high-resolution images straight to an end device. As with all other Miele appliances featuring connectivity, the robovac, linked via WiFi, responds to Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa. An ‘Alexa, tell Miele to clean the kitchen’ is sufficient for the Scout to set to work on pre-defined areas.

With the launch of its third generation, Miele has further perfected the Scout’s navigation. Thanks to two front cameras, the Scout RX3 cleans in the very last corner and systematically vacuums every square centimeter of the home. The stereo camera system sees rooms and objects in 3D and is able to calculate sizes and distances. As a result, steps, furniture and other obstacles are detected and reliably circumnavigated – even when it is completely dark. With a height of only 8.5 cm, the robotic vacuum cleaner fits effortlessly below cupboards and sofas for thorough cleaning. And should the Scout become trapped on the way, an optimised error processing routine precisely reports the problem and how to resolve it.

The rechargeable 5200 mAh lithium ion battery provides 120 minutes of cleaning, equating to an area of up to 120 square meters. When the battery is flat, the Scout RX3 finds its own way to the recharging station, which can now be securely fixed to the floor. Once recharged, work is resumed at the precise spot where the appliance last finished.

Miele launches the third generation of Scout RX3 robovac

With its tried-and-tested Quattro Cleaning Power 4-stage system, the Scout RX3 can achieve much higher suction power on any surface. Technical optimisation of the motor, increased air performance and a beater bar with harder bristles ensure that the robovac is better at removing fine dust in particular from carpets. Corner cleaning on hard floors and short-pile carpets is even more effective thanks to the new 20-arm side brushes.

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The Scout RX3 is available in three model versions: Whilst the entry-line obsidian black Scout RX3 has a battery runtime of up to 60 minutes, the Scout RX3 Runner (bronze pearl finish) vacuums for up to twice as long. The same applies to the Scout RX3 Home Vision HD in rosé gold pearl finish, which also relays live images to an end device with its HD camera. The entry-line and flagship models are already on sale; the Scout RX3 Runner will follow in October 2021.

*compared with the Miele Scout RX2 on carpeting in accordance with IEC 62929:2015 Section 6.4.

By A.M. Filip