Neatsvor X600 Pro Review – Affordable Robot Vacuum Cleaner with laser navigation & mapping

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Neatsvor X600 Pro Review Rating


The Neatsvor X600 Pro is an excellent option if you want the benefits of mapping without the associated costs.




My Eufy RoboVac 30C was only ever used to clean the kitchen, using boundary strips, we never had to worry about it wandering off and getting lost. It has worked well and consistently keeps my kitchen free from all the mess I create when cooking.

However, after my limited amount of time with the Yeedi Vac Station, I was converted to the idea of robot vacuums with proper navigation either using vSLAM or LiDAR.

Unfortunately, LiDAR based vacuums cost significantly more money. The Ecovacs OZMO920 is one of the cheapest options I can find from a reputable brand, and this is £300. Bigger brand vSLAM options such as iRobot or Dyson are £600-1000.

The Neatsvor X600 Pro is the cheapest option on the market that I am aware of, priced at just £219. You need to buy it directly from Neatsvor, but they ship from a European warehouse.


Setup – Pairing the Neatsvor X600 Pro with Tuya

Setting the Neatsvor X600 Pro up should have been easy. However, the instructions provided were useless, and I had to contact the PR for help.

Neatsvor X600 Pro Review – Affordable Robot Vacuum Cleaner with laser navigation & mapping

With the correct information, things went smoothly.

The physical set-up is just like any other robot vacuum. You attach the sweepers, slot in the dust box, plug in the charger and charge it up.

In use

App / Mapping / Settings

  • I have used the Tuya app quite a few times in the past, this includes other robot vacuums such as the MooSoo MT710.

    Under the settings option, there are quite a few options you will want to customise. In particular, I’d recommend setting up do not disturb, so it doesn’t randomly start during the night. Then also timer, telling it to start at a set time per day. For the timer, you can select the whole home or select whichever rooms you want.

    The first couple of times the vacuum cleans it will build up a map of your home and automatically identify rooms. It does this quite effectively, identifying my kitchen, TV room, the front room, then it thought the toilet and hall were the same areas.

    Once the map is built, you can also establish no go zones, this can be useful for avoiding rugs or any other obstacles that the robot may get stuck on.

    Vacuum / Mopping

    The Neatsvor comes with two cleaning compartments, one is used just for dust the other is for both dust and water. You can then have the robot mop rooms that have a hard floor. Currently it is just out kitchen and dining area that has a hard floor and I personally prefer to leave the Neatsvor as a vacuum and mop up manually. However, during testing, I did experiment with this, and it works well. You just need to make sure your rooms are correctly mapped. For us, it identified part of the dining room as the hallway, so some adjustment was needed to make sure it mopped the full room.

    Battery Life / Noise

    In the smart mode, I have it set to cover the downstairs of the house once per day and the suck level to powerful. The cleaning history indicates that it covers 46m2 and takes a bit less than 60minutes, and this represents a larger than average 4-bed semi-detached. With a claimed run time of 150 mins and 250m2 cleaning area, this should, in theory, cover a single floor of very large properties.

    With the vacuum in the standard suction mode, I didn’t find it too loud. Even with the power mode, it was probably about the same volume as a small handheld vacuum. I have the timer set to the morning when I am either in the gym or the office, so it never disturbs me.

    Cleaning Performance/ Maintenance

    My partner has long hair, and this inevitably means the robot gets clogged down with hair. I am not sure how it is possible for someone to shed so much hair without going bald. The roller compartment has latches to open it up, and you can remove the roller for cleaning/hair removal.

    The overall cleaning performance is excellent. There was quite a lot of dust collected from doing the full house. When using it for the kitchen, it performed just as well as my Eufy for keeping the kitchen free from all the mess I create.

    Getting Stuck / Cliff Detection

    I found that is rarely got stuck; the only occasion I can think of was when I was alerted about the cliff sensor being abnormal. This was triggered in my hallway, where there is a step down into the porch part where my front door is. It should have identified this before getting stuck, but these things happen from time to time, this would be a good opportunity to use the no go zone.


    One small issue I had, I placed the charging dock for this robot on the carpet in the hallway. The robot then has a habit of knocking it out of place away from the wall. I suspect this happens for other vacuums, too, depending on placement and floor material.

    Price and Alternative Options

    The Neatsvor X600 Pro has an RRP of £313 but has 30% off at the time of writing, taking it down to £220. This makes it one of the cheapest robot vacuums with laser navigation that I can find.

    The cheapest option on Amazon I can see is the LeJoy LD20 which is £260 when you apply the voucher on page.


    I like the Neatsvor X600 Pro, it is an excellent affordable robot vacuum with laser navigation.

    Performance has been good, though admittedly, I don’t have extensive experience with mapping robot vacuums. I am, however, completely converted to the idea of them compared to robot vacuums without proper mapping. This saves quite a lot of time with weekly chores and ensures that I do actually vacuums all my carpets on a regular basis.

    I did experience some issues setting this up, but this is due to the poor instruction booking and is an easy fix.

    Overall, this is an excellent option if you want the benefits of mapping without the associated costs.