Review: This tiny cordless vacuum cleaner rivals the powerful Dyson alternative

Cordless vacuum cleaners have been snapping at the heels of corded vacuums for years now, and it's fair to say it's taken a while for them to catch up in terms of power and performance.

But it's hard to argue with the convenience factor of being able to mop up a mess anywhere, and not have to worry about wires.

Smaller vacuum cleaners have been quietly blossoming in the background, however, and these are particularly practical, because they can fit in much smaller nooks and crannies. The problem has always been power, though. You slim something down and smaller batteries and motors are inevitable. It usually makes for a weedy performance.


Review: This tiny cordless vacuum cleaner rivals the powerful Dyson alternative

Not so with the HomeVac H30 I've been testing though. It's made by Eufy, a company with a wide-ranging collection of home technology solutions, and the USP of the HomeVac is bringing big power to a small space.

And that power is 80 AW, which is way beyond its competitors. In fact, it's almost as much as a cordless Dyson. It's also very light, at less than a kilo, so there's not a compromise to be made on weight.

The only compromise is perhaps battery life. On its normal Eco setting it's good for around 20 minutes of use, but this drops quite a bit if you put it on Max. It's still plenty of time to mop up spills, or give the car a once-over though.

And obviously capacity of its on-board waste tank is smaller, but it's very quick and easy to empty.

I love the the base station it comes with, as it acts as a charger and a store for the on-board accessories, and it's not as noisy in use as I'd expected.

There's two types of H30 available, the Venture and the Mate. The latter is more focused on pet owners in terms of its accessories, but it costs about £20 more. If you don't need to Hoover up hair, the Mate will do the job and, at £150, it's not cheap, but it really is a great bit of kit.