Seauto's BestRobtic, Up to 6000GPH Powerful Suction Pool Cleaner, world's 1st "SONAR Tech" Hassle-Free Cleaning, Launches on Kickstarter

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The current leading technology most pool cleaners use is "Gyroscopic Navigation", but this technology comes with quite a few disadvantages. The inability to navigate intelligently often causes the robotic to hit the walls of the pool and low cleaning coverage - which can make the pool visually unappealing and reduce the desire to use the swimming pool for people.

Whether it's a sweeping robot, weeding robot, window cleaning robot, or pool cleaning robot, all cleaning robots are designed to reduce the amount of labor and time necessary for that cleaning task. Automated, efficient, and worry-free cleaning is the main purpose of these types of electronic cleaning devices.

- 100%FullyAutomatic & Hassle-Free Cleaning

Main benefits of Seauto's BestRobtic Pool Cleaner


The BestRobtic introduces a one-of-a-kind "Sonar Technology" the world to of wireless pool cleaning robots. This technology creates a number of benefits, ranging from a longer life cycle and exceptional cleaning to extreme cost-effectiveness and no longer fear about the light-refracting in water - A true smart navigation cleaning.

-Sonar Technology Let cleaning be Hassle-Free

BestRobtic is 100% automation clean, also comes with other practical features, such as anti-collision technology that traditional pool robots lack. Say goodbye to the 15-year-long reign (since 2007) of gyro navigation.

The SEAUTO Team also focuses on the research and development of special robots for underwater cleaning, and is the first to refine sonar technology (that of military submarines) and add it to pool cleaning robotics. Thanks to the brand-new Sonar Tech automatic sensing system makes the pool cleaning robot no longer the "fool hitting the wall" brought by traditional gyroscope navigation, and fundamentally solves the problem of damaging the pool walls and floor.

-Affordable, Everyone can afford it

Cleaning services often have an annual fee of $2,000-$4,000 (a labor cost of $200/hour) or more, with a weekly or biweekly cleaning cycle.

Cleaning with the BestRobtic will reduce the amount of labor costs and effort, and saves pool owners thousands of dollars per year.

- Greatly Upgraded Cleaning Ability

- User Friendly Features:

 Seauto's BestRobtic, Up to 6000GPH Powerful Suction Pool Cleaner, world's 1st

BestRobtic can clean swimming pools of various shapes, and can also be used in a variety of other locations including hot springs.

According to research, the temperature of hot springs ranges from 40°-45°C (104°-113°F), many cleaning devices only work in temperatures of 10°-35°C (50°- 95°F). However, BestRobtic can clean effectively and thoroughly in temperatures 10-50°C (50°-122°F).

- Easy to Use:

Despite the many features this powerful device has, it only weighs 14.10lbs(6.4KG) - Meaning BestRobtic is easier to carry and clean.

- 100% Environmentally Conscious Materials:

- Price & Crowdfunding details

The BestRobtic is making its worldwide debut on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter, where it will be available at just $359 for the first 500 backers and $419 for normal price. After Kickstarter, BestRobtic's price on Amazon will be over $499.

The campaign will last for approximately one month, offering many benefits, discounts and special promotions to brand early supporters. After Kickstarter, backers will be the first in the world to receive their BestRobtic, and later in the year it will become available via the regular BestRobtic distribution channels at a slightly higher price.

BestRobtic team promises to begin shipping within 20 working days after the crowdfunding campaign ends, which means backers can receive their products as early as April 2022 (the exact time depends on different countries).

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- Customer Service:

12-month warranty and offer a 30-day free return policy for product replacement if there are any issues with product quality. And have set up local after-sales service centers in the US + AU + EU.

- About BestRobtic

Shenzhen Seauto Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology company focusing on the R&D, manufacturing and marketing of smart water products and outdoor products. The BestRobtic brand is headquartered in China and has a marketing center in Los Angeles, USA.

The team has a background in the fields of shipbuilding, underwater navigation, and cleaning robot dynamics, and after continuous research, testing, and upgrading, have successfully created this new product.

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