Snag the once-top-of-the-line Roomba 980 for just $232, its lowest price ever

I always advise people that while saving money is awesome, there are a handful of tech products it's worth spending a little extra on. You wouldn't want a budget airbag in your car or deeply discounted scuba equipment, for example, and robot vacuums fall into that category as well. In my experience, most $200 robot vacuum cleaners just don't perform well enough to justify even that low price. iRobot's Roomba 980 was once a high-end performer priced at $600, and even though it has been supplanted by more modern vacuums, the 980 can still suck up dirt like a premium model. iRoomba sells factory-refurbished Roomba 980s for $400, but right now you can get aRoomba 980 refurb for just $232 at eBay -- the lowest price it has ever sold for. To get that price, apply promo codePREP4SPRING20at checkout.

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Snag the once-top-of-the-line Roomba 980 for just 2, its lowest price ever

The Roomba 980 dates back to 2015, which makes it as old as a brontosaurus in robot vacuum years. It doesn't have radar, lidar or plasma cannons, but it does have a camera to aid in navigation and Wi-Fi that works with iRobot's mobile app and voice control via Alexa and Google Assistant. For more information on this robot vacuum cleaner, check out CNET's review of the Roomba 980.

This batch of Roomba 980s is "certified refurbished" from iRobot -- according to eBay, they are in pristine, like-new condition and have been professionally inspected, cleaned and refurbished to meet the original specifications. You get a full two-year warranty.

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