The Best Stick Vacuums From Dyson, Shark And More

Dyson is one of the most popular brands for stick vacuums, and the Outsize Total Clean is its latest and greatest model. This high-end pick can outperform even full-size vacuums, as it features a full-size cleaner head and dust bin, as well as two batteries that deliver up to 120 minutes of runtime. It also comes with a handful of accessories and attachments, and can transform into a handheld unit for added versatility.

The Best Stick Vacuums From Dyson, Shark And More

This model was engineered with larger homes in mind, and it delivers 90% more suction power than the V8 ones. It automatically senses and adapts to changes in floor type to optimize suction and increase battery life, and the digital display screen lets you know just how much battery you have left.

What the Reviews Say: With hundreds of positive reviews, this Dyson vacuum is a hit among reviewers, who say it’s a worthwhile splurge. “I love this vacuum so much, I want to marry it! The wide head and powerful suction means less sweeps across the floor to accomplish the task, which equals less time spent vacuuming. I am done so much faster, not having to go over the floor a thousand times and not being limited to an area with a cord tying me down.”