The ultimate robot vacuum – the Deebot X1 OMNI – is launching on TikTok

Ecovacs is launching its new flagship robot vacuum cleaner: the X1 OMNI. Its UK launch will be exclusive to the TikTok Shop from 15 March to 22 March, right in time for Ecovacs brand spotlight campaign. Just search for the keyword "ECOVACS" on TikTok to get an exclusive offer of up to £200 off through shoppable live stream and short videos.

The X1 OMNI is one of the most advanced robot vacuum cleaners available, bringing together a host of cutting-edge features, including a redesigned mopping system; self-emptying, self-cleaning and drying functionality; AI-driven navigation; the most powerful suction on the market; and onboard cameras that you can use remotely. In another first-of-a-kind innovation, it even features a dedicated voice assistant, YIKO, who'll respond to voice commands.

The X1 OMNI's features

There are plenty of robot vacuum cleaners with great features. What makes the X1 OMNI special is that it brings together all the best-in-class skills you could want.

The first thing that sets it apart is its innovative docking station, which not only charges but empties and cleans the robot as well. It was created in collaboration with Jacob Jensen Design to be sleek, modern, minimalist – and to integrate into any home interior.

Inside the station is a vacuum system that removes debris from the robot vacuum's onboard bin and stores it in a bag. This makes it a great option for people with a dust allergy or sensitivity as it means the user doesn't need to come into contact with dust and dirt at all. Plus, it takes another cleaning chore out of its owner's hands: instead of emptying the onboard bin every day or two, simply change the 3-litre bag once a month. Replacement bags are inexpensive and available from several retailers.

The X1 OMNI is also a mopping robot. The completely redesigned dual spinning mops, which rotate at 180RPM, are far more effective than the mop on a standard robot vacuum cleaner, which only cleans by gentle pressure – and usually quite superficially. And there's more. Thanks to the 4-litre clean and dirty water tanks inside the charging station, once the robot cleaner docks, it'll wash, dry and refill itself, ready for its next cleaning job.

Both vacuuming and mopping can be scheduled and, because of its advanced 3D mapping capabilities, you can create complex cleaning programmes, even down to creating actions around specific pieces of furniture. That means you can schedule the type of cleaning you want, when and where you want it. You could choose to have the X1 OMNI mop around the bath every night, or vacuum under the kitchen table after breakfast every day.

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The ultimate robot vacuum – the Deebot X1 OMNI – is launching on TikTok

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Ecovacs just launched a new flagship robot vacuum cleaner! DEEBOT X1 OMNI will be launched on TikTok Shop.Get it for £1,299 instead of £1,499 now! That's £200 Savings! Also, you will get free accessories and Ecovacs Brand Packet.

The X1 OMNI's sophisticated navigation means that you can also designate no-go areas, so you can still have the rest of the house vacuumed if you're mid-way through a bedroom spring clean and have clothes all over the floor, or you could ensure the X1 OMNI stays away from a pile of kids' toys or a delicate lamp.

But if there's just a kicked-off pair of trainers abandoned in the sitting room after a late night, the X1 OMNI won't plough into them. It will identify them as shoes and clean around them. How? Its AIVI 3D system, which combines AIVI 3.0 camera vision to identify common household objects with TrueDetect 2.0 laser scanning. This allows it to intelligently assess and avoid obstacles.

It can optimise cleaning too. Its surface detection technology will automatically increase its power – to a phenomenal maximum of 5,000PA, the most powerful suction available today – to ensure that your rugs get a deep clean, while the battery life is saved with a lighter clean on the surrounding hardwood flooring.

And if you're out and worried that you left a window open or want to check up on your pet, you can remotely drive your X1 OMNI through your home and look around using its onboard cameras, for instant peace of mind.

Finally, its natural language processing technology means that integrated voice assistant YIKO can understand and respond to your voice commands directly. There's no need to worry about compatibility or sync up to a separate home assistant.

How to get the discount – and other special offers

Ecovacs' new flagship robot vacuum cleaner will launch on its TikTok Shop on 15 March. Search for the keyword "Ecovacs" on TikTok to get an exclusive offer of up to £200 off the £1,499 retail price. The first 30 buyers who also follow @ecovacsuk on TikTok will get a £50 Amazon gift card, plus additional free accessories, including replacement mop heads for the dual spinning mops and a box of Ecovacs-branded goodies.